As of June last year, Facebook now drives more referral traffic than Google,  according to data from Parse.ly, an analytics research  firm which collects data for about 400 digital publishers. Facebook’s rise has been slow and steady since at least 2012, as it has been gradually wining referral traffic marketshare from Google Sites. Instead of SEO experts popping up everywhere, now it’s social media optimizers.

Here’s the graph showing this trend:


What this indicates is that you need to publish where the people are. But at the same time, Organic reach of Facebook posts has declined as shown in the graph below. This year, organic reach may go to zero.


Clearly, this is a serious problem for businesses relying on Facebook to drive traffic to their websites. But there are things you can do to insure that your information is seen by those you want to see it. Targeting customers who are likely to be interested in a product based on the information that Facebook collects about its users, rather than waiting for those users to seek out a particular product, is changing the way online businesses operate. The days of hoping that someone searches for a specific keyword and then bringing them over to your site are over.  It’s a different world and Facebook marketing is at the center of this change.  I will be doing an hour-long presentation to discuss this on Feb. 28th at the Denver Mart during the Rocky Mountain Gift Show if you are attending.

What: Facebook Secrets Workshop
When: Sunday February 28th, 2:00 – 3:00 pm
Where: Forum Room #1, Denver Mart

Free to attendees of the Rocky Mountain Gift Show. Visit the Denver Mart website for details.