Over years of experimenting, I have found that the best way to rank on Google for certain search terms is through the use of YouTube videos. Ranking on Google is tough, but if you use a Youtube video you have a way better chance. This in part is due to the fact that Google owns YouTube, but there are some specific things that must happen in order for this to work:
1. Title – the title of the video must contain the keywords someone is searching for. Google especially loves videos that contain the words “how to” in the title.
2. Description – the description of the video must contain the following:
  • Keywords that someone is searching for, and
  • a link to the page on your website that this video pertains to. The link must start with http://
The page on your website must then also be about the subject matter, with both the page title and the page contents repeating the keywords. This tells Google that the link is very relevant when it relates to your keywords. The image below is a current screen capture for “pakistan baskets”. Notice that we built the video back in 2010 and both the website and the video are still on page 1 of Google. This technique is that powerful.


3. Tags – you can tag your video with as many keywords as you want and these can also play a role in getting you ranked. A great way to determine tags is to use the Google Adwords keyword tool.
We can create videos from still images as well as actual video footage. I strongly recommend building a YouTube channel, complete with graphics, not just uploading a single video. The video needs to be on your channel, not someone else’s.
Finally, you need to make sure that your video is getting viewed and that people are engaging with it. To do this you need to share the video wherever you can:
– embed the video on your website
– add a link to the video in your email signature line
– post it on social media
Once you get a few people viewing it, this sends ranking signals to Google and you could end up on page 1 within a day. I’ve done this numerous times for my customers and I assure you it is the best way to rank on Google.
Going through this process costs less than a single month of paying for Google Adwords and will reap search engine placements for a long time (perhaps years). It is a very worthwhile investment.