Get Clicked On

Once you are showing up in the search results, the next task is to get someone to click on your website rather than someone elses.

This starts by having a verified GMB or Google My Business Listing, but it doesn’t stop there! Make your business the ONLY LOGICAL CHOICE!

There are 3 important elements that cause someone to click on your website, including reviews, meta information (title and description), and offers.


I’ve heard people say that you can’t take likes and hearts to the bank, and while that may be true, testimonials and reviews play a huge role in whether or not someone will click on your website. Customer reviews are the single most effective bit of marketing you can do for your company. Take a look at this result for example:

If you were presented with these search results, which of these businesses would you be the most likely to click on? The vast majority of people would choose #2, CertaPro, based on the number and quality of reviews.

Over 85% of people trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation. But 77% of people think that reviews over 3 months old aren’t relevant. This means you need a constant and steady of supply of fresh reviews at all times!  Using our proprietary software, You can put your entire review system on autopilot, getting more 5-star reviews, eliminating negative reviews, and monitoring everything from a single dashboard.

Plus, we can create a custom url link that is easy to share with your customers, such as webstoresltd.com/review


Here’s how it works:

★ Drive
Systematically drive customers to one conversion funnel that routes them to the review sites you care about.

★ Guide
Guide unhappy customers to a service recovery, and educate others through completing a review.

★ Automate
Automatically ask, remind and guide customers through the process with email, text and print campaigns.

★ Monitor
See results with beautiful monthly reports that demonstrate reputational improvement alongside actionable insights into campaign data.

★ Amplify
Choose which reviews to stream to your website or share on social media, or have them automatically streamed/shared according to your criteria.

We’ll even run a free anaysis of your current online reviews to get you started. Contact us today!

Rich Snippets

The second thing that causes people to click on your website or not is the title and description that Google displays. the problem is, how do you control what Google shows in its search results?

Most website owners, and even many website designers, are unaware of something called “Rich Snippets.” Rich Snippets is the term used to describe structured data markup that site operators can add to their existing HTML, which in turn allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page. When present, Google uses this information to produce better search results as shown below:

You can see that the listing with the rich snippet really stands out and is the most likely to get clicked on. Notice that the Rich Snippet information contains the specific title and description controlled by the website, as well as additional information such as images and reviews.