Get Repeat Visits

Okay, so now people have found your site and they even clicked on it. Did you know that 98% of visitors leave a website without even taking a desired action? They visit, they leave, and most of them will never return again.

As a website owner it is your responsibility to make sure that you have a visitors contact information before they leave your website so you can continue to market to them!

There are several ways you can insure that visitors keep coming back to your site over and over again so that they will eventually buy something from you. Of course, the most obvious is to deliver great content so they will want to return, but here are a few other thoughts…

Lead Magnets

Free offers used in exchange for obtaining a visitors email address are not only how you grow your email list, they are one of the primary reasons someone may decide to click on your website. This is especially true if you are running any sort of an ad. Visitors will seldom click on an ad and make a purchase the first time they visit a website, but are happy to click on an ad (or organic listing), if they see that they can get something for free.

In order for a lead magnet to be effective however, it must be an “irresistible offer,” something so compelling that they will not only gladly give you their email address, but will want to share it with their friends. Simply having a “sign up for our newsletter” is no longer enough as everyone already gets plenty of emails. We offer a complete online course on how to create effective lead magnets.


Email Newsletters

With your Lead magnets, you’ve been able to grow your list of people who have been to your website. Now you can send them emails to get them to return and visit your site again. WebStores Ltd. can set it up so that everytime you create a new blog post, an automated newsletter will be created and sent to your list, without you having to format the article to do anything.

Better yet, the newsletter will display who opened the email and whether or not they clicked on it. You get complete reports right from within your WordPress dashboard.

Retargeting Ads

You’ve seen those pesky little ads where once you’ve visited a website, the ads seem to follow you all over the internet as you go from one site to another. These are called retargeting ads.

Essentially, when you visit a website, even if you haven’t provided your contact information, your browser has been “cookied.” Now a company can continue to market to you, reminding you to return to their website and take an action.

Remember, it often takes 7 “touches” before a visitor becomes a customer. WebStores Ltd. provides a complete range of digital advertising services to make this a cost effective way for you to get visitors to your website.


Loyalty Reward Programs

Another great way to get customers to return to your site on a regular basis is to ofeer some type of loyalty reward program, similar to a frequent fluer program. Visitors can get points for all sorts of actions including site visites, sharing posts, liking a social media post, and of course making a purchase. Points can then redeemed for rewards.