Get Them to Stay

You put in a lot of effort to get visitors to find you, then to click on you. Wouldn’t it be nice if you got them to stick around for longer than a few seconds, or even a couple of minutes? According to Alexa.com, this website, WebStores Ltd, has the longest average time spent on the site per visitor than any of the top websites on the internet! (Our time on site varies between 25 and 30 minutes!) Even Facebook only averages 18 minutes per day and YouTube 11 minutes. How can you get people to hang out on your site?

Long-Form Original Stories

The simple answer is ENGAGEMENT – getting visitors to read what you have to say and to interact with your content. You need great headlines to get them to read your content. The content should tell stories, not just provide facts. That way the visitor will want to hear what you have to say. You need to have lots of content – every page should include long-form written content (2,000 words or more) with great images.


Consider using “chatbots.” You can always be on your website monitoring whenever a visitor comes to a page, but you can still engage with them through the use of artificial intelligence chatbots. Checkout our chatbot in the lower left of this page and give us a call at 877-924-1414 if you’d like a chatbot added to your site.