Custom GPTs created by WebStores Ltd.

Note: You must subscribe the the ChatGPT Plus plan to access custom GPTs

The Story Teller

Crafts a variety of narratives based on user input.

Comic Strip Creator

Streamlines comic strip creation from character to layout.

WP Plugin Creator

I generate WordPress plugin code from user descriptions.

Lesson Magic

Creates engaging lessons using specific objects.

Speaker SEO Site Analyst

Analyzes and improves public speaker sites for SEO.

3D Blender Script Creator

Guides in creating 3D designs for printing.

Ecommerce Product Description Wizard

Creating e-commerce descriptions from images or URLs, even with minimal info.

Local AI based SEO

Is your business optimized for AI Searches? Many people now search for local businesses with ChatGPT rather than Google.

Blog Post Generator

Creates researched, engaging blog posts about products with strong intros and conclusions.

Role Playing

Transforms into characters you can interact with

AI Mastermind with Industry Giants

Role-plays as industry giants in tailored discussions.

Product Email Crafter

Helps write and refine product emails

AI Storefront Expert

Online store AI advisor

T Shirt Sayings and Quotes

I generate quotes and sayings for POD products, then suggest a graphic.

Sales Rebuttal Pro

Tailors sales objections to the product/service