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WebStoresLtd.com is recognized as one of the top performing websites on ecommerce and internet marketing with an average viewer time of over 26 minutes. We do not take that distinction lightly as this greatly helps your SEO and website authority.

We accept guest posts on a limited basis as long as they meet the following criteria:

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: All guest posts will incur a fee of $25. This is not an advertising charge, but rather an administrative fee to cover our time for inserting your post and formatting it to our standards. Alternatively, you can opt to provide a reciprocal link back to our website for the keywords in your article to a relevant article already published on our site.

You may have up to 3 informational and reference links per article, but if any of the links are promotional in nature (selling a product or service, trying to capture an email, affiliate links, etc), these will be no-follow links (contact us for details).

All guest posts must meet the following criteria:

  • The article must be educational and of interest to our readers (helping people sell more online / being more productive in their business). Non-applicable topics will be rejected. Articles that appear to be an advertisement will be rejected.
  • No gambling, adult sites or phishing links are allowed.
  • All submitted articles must be unique and not previously published elsewhere.
  • At least one original or creative commons image/photo – if you can’t find one, we will add a featured image to your post of our choosing.
  • One embedded video unique to the article is encouraged.
  • No more than 3 links (dofollow). Any promotional links (if approved) will be no-follow links.
  • Per Google’s guidelines: We do not allow content that conceals or misrepresents sponsored content as independent, editorial content. A sponsored post will be identified as such and will only contain no-follow links. No exceptions. Contact us for advertising costs.
  • An author’s blurb (bio) is required, headshot (photo) is optional. The blurb may contain a (non-paid) link, such as to LinkedIn. The article will be identified as a guest post, no exceptions. Here is a recent example: https://webstoresltd.com/how-chatbots-can-help-the-ecommerce-industry/
  • Article length should be 800 to 1200 words total
  • All articles will be reviewed/and approved prior to publishing. We cannot guarantee a specific publication date as our articles are often booked up at least a month in advance.
  • Approved articles will remain on the homepage of our website for approximately 3 weeks, as articles rotate (one new article per week is displayed, showing the 4 most recent articles). Additionally, if you wish to have the article sent to our email newsletter list, there is a charge of $99.
  • Once the article is published, we request that you share this on your channels.
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