One world-renowned copy-writer says THIS is the single most important ‘method’ for making more money with your emails.

My friend and colleague, Mara Glazer is known to many as the “The World’s Best Female Copywriter.” She was personally trained by World Famous Direct Response Copywriter (and her father), Bill Glazer.

So what is this secret? Mara says, “if you want to make more money with your emails, send more emails!”

TLDR; summary

How many emails too many? This article addresses this question and shows you how you can reduce the number of emails you receive from WebStores Ltd. You can now get a combined newsletter once per month instead of once per week. Read the complete article for a deeper dive into how this applies to the emails you send out. And I’ll give you a special gift when you read the rest of this post!

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This makes some sense. After all, I always recommend copying the people that are the top performers, using Amazon as the example that ecommerce companies should aspire to and mimic. And Amazon tends to send out emails almost daily, making product recommendations.

Online Stores & Product Recommendations

When you have an ecommerce store, some experts will tell you to send out 1 email per day with a product recommendation. Making product recommendations within your email is obviously how you are going to make more money with your emails.

For example, I recommend that website owners participate in the WebStores Masters Program. The WebStores Masters Program is a combination of an online class that is taught by an expert in the industry (not just me, but guest speakers), followed by an interactive online mastermind where everyone gets to learn from each other. This can be an incredibly effective tool as you share knowledge and experience. You gain access to new strategies and ideas that can significantly increase your revenues. There are two optional tiers that provide even more value, including 1:1 coaching. These optional tiers include this t-shirt, which has been proven to be a great conversation starter, and even attracts new customers.
If you would like, you can get this t-shirt for yourself (although I highly recommend that you enroll in the Masters Program for full impact). Okay, that may be a shameless plug for my products, but you can see how this type of email can make you more money. This works whether you are selling your own products, affiliate products, or even services. The trick is to send out emails on a regular and consistent basis, and the more you send out, the more money you make (at least according to Mara).

Getting Your Emails Read

Just sending out more emails of course isn’t enough – you have to get people to open your emails and read them! The trick to getting your emails read is to:

  1. Make the reader click through to the complete article rather than giving them all the information upfront
  2. Have a great subject line that catches their attention
  3. Provide a great opening sentence or opening statement
  4. Include a Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR;) summary
  5. Break your email up using H2 Heading Tags so it is easy to scan
  6. Include images to provide visual content about your subject
  7. Make sure emails can be easily read on a smart phone
  8. Give something away (in addition to providing valuable content)

The Giveaway

I recently conducted a 3-day workshop on a “Smarter Way to Grow Your Online Sales.” Attendees of this workshop said it was the best presentation we’ve ever done, and quite honestly, we were proud of it. If you didn’t get a chance to attend this, each day was only one hour and it may be the best 3 hours you spend on your online business this year. So I’m giving you these replays just for reading this email.

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Types of Emails

The rule of sending out only 1 promotional email for every 4 informational emails still applies, even if you have an ecommerce shop. Send out valuable, relevant content that your readers want to receive. For example, if your shop sells clothing, make your emails be about fashion trends and how to use your wardrobe for creating great looks for different occasions, not just about your latest sale. If you sell dog treats, inform your readers about good nutrition practices for your dog rather than constantly trying to sell something. Providing this kind of information creates loyal customers.

But, can too many emails negatively impact your brand? Groupon has a reputation of sending out too many emails. I know that my wife has tried to unsubscribe from different email lists only to not have it make any difference – often receiving multiple emails every single day (and they were all trying to sell her something). Certainly, this can be frustrating, and there isn’t much you can do about it. You can report it as spam, but that is about it. The CAN-SPAM Act does not give consumers who have received spam email standing to file a private lawsuit for damages.

As many of the readers who follow my blog know, I was having issues with my emails last December and January. They simply were not getting delivered. I know I’ve fixed the issue now because I have had people ask me to stop sending them so many emails! Obviously, this goes completely against Mara’s recommendation and my advice to copy what Amazon does.

Email Frequency

There is a very good reason to send out emails on a consistent and regular basis. The general rule is that you want to be in front of people a minimum of once per week. If you are not getting their frequent attention in their inbox, they tend to forget about you – that certainly happened to me when I was having email delivery issues. As soon as I got those issues resolved, the number of unsubscribes and even spam complaints went up.

Staying in front of someone’s mind is kind of like dating. If you only go out with someone once a month, you aren’t really in a serious relationship. And if you only email your list a few times per year, such as before a holiday, because you are having a sale, your subscribers are likely to not even remember that they signed up to get emails from you.

So how many emails is too much? As a subscriber to my newsletter, you know that I create non-salesy, valuable content to help you run your online business and post this once a week to my blog. These articles are automatically put into an email newsletter and sent out so that you get them every Wednesday morning. In other words, you get an email from me once per week. The only exception to this is if I am running a workshop or launching a new course, then you will get some additional emails about those programs. Still, it is seldom more than two per week, even in those situations.

Despite that, I know some of you feel overwhelmed with emails. I certainly do as I often get 300 to 500 in a single day. So I am going to give you the choice of how often you want to hear from me:

  • 1 time per week (the current default)
  • 1 time per month

(Just click on the “Manage Subscriptions” link in the footer of any email you get from me).

These choices do not affect special announcements, but they will allow you to get information from the blog articles in the fashion that works best for you. If you elect to only get emails once per month, you will not miss anything. Instead the four latest articles will all appear in a single email at the end of each month. Of course, this means that you might miss out on time-sensitive information, so I recommend choosing wisely.

Thanks – I appreciate you being here!