I spoke with Steve Olsher recently about a number of ways that people with physical stores who also run an ecommerce store can use the two to build upon each other. Most store owners are not taking advantage of leveraging their online stores with their physical shops and vice-versa. Steve and I discuss specific strategies you can use to boost your sales in both environments by providing education about the products and services you offer.

But here is the really cool thing…we recorded this with zoom.us while simultaneously streaming it live on Facebook. If you combine this approach with Facebook ads, the combination could make a powerful impact for your business. I will be discussing more about live video streaming in my next couple of posts, and you won’t want to miss this. Meanwhile, here is the Facebook live stream:

And here is the recorded version from Zoom.us:

[s3vpp id=188c3251842159dcd0331c876cedee9d]