by Lindsay Johnson

You can take many tasks to ensure your SEO plan is successful in 2022. Planning for an online marketing strategy should be about the techniques or tactics you use and a holistic approach to working together towards a common goal.

Know Your Goal

When setting out to do anything in life, there is nothing more important than knowing where you want to end up and having a map of how you’re going to get there. In any business situation, whatever it may be, there needs to be defined goals and milestones set out from the beginning so everyone knows what they need to do next and what success looks like. Without this, there’s no way of if the task has been achieved or not and if it has, by how much.

With SEO strategies, there are a lot of external factors that can make a huge difference to your rankings. Such as, you can take help from IT Support Companies to make your businesses more extended. Google themselves is updating their algorithms constantly, and news breaks every day about big companies who have been hit with penalties or lost their positions in the SERPs for something they did or didn’t do. All those other factors, such as social media, play an important role these days and new devices such as smartphones and tablets that people use to search on. Understanding what you’re trying to achieve from the beginning makes it easier to see how certain tactics will help towards this goal and which ones don’t fit with where you want to be heading.

2. Establish Your Competitors

One of the first things you need to establish is your actual competitors. You can’t always rely on what Google returns in the results pages as many times these companies aren’t your true competitors but your indirect ones. Once you understand exactly who they are, how long they’ve been around, if they’re local or global, etc., you can begin to look at all their activities and decide whether this fits within your overall strategy or not. For example, suppose one of them has a big following online by running many social media profiles updated daily with fresh content. In that case, there’s no point in doing it yourself as it will not differentiate or give any advantage baring you know that other companies aren’t doing it.

By understanding who your competition is and where their activities are, you’re in a better place to become an expert in your field, not just in terms of your SEO. Still, you’ll also be able to stand out from the crowd in other ways that will give you an advantage, which will help gain customer loyalty.

3. Know Your Audience & Develop Personas

Once you’ve defined your goals, it’s essential to know your target audience, so this should always be at the back of your mind when planning any marketing activity. There’s no point spending hours writing engaging blog posts if this isn’t something that interests or appeals to what you’re trying to achieve. For example, if you’re a local company targeting people who are planning on moving to new homes or starting families, using phrases such as ‘get the ball rolling’ and ‘landscaping boon or bane’ is going to be a huge turn off as they’re not things that would ever appeal.

The best thing about establishing your audience first is you can then develop personas of each group that will help involve everyone within your team in helping reach these goals. It means having a clear vision of your target market from the beginning. It will mean every staff member knows what they need to do next, either through developing content, engaging with potential customers online, or even offline.

4. Map out Your Content Plan & Strategy

To get people engaged with your content, you need to know where this will sit within the overall plan. There’s no point creating something so good it has the potential to go viral if it’s not on-brand or relevant, or worse still, it takes up too much time that could be used elsewhere on things that may give you more of an advantage.

If you’re using WordPress, for example, one of the best ways of managing your content is by having your editorial calendar set out in advance. It means anything planned for publication in any format will always be on brand and relevant, while some tools can even help keep track of when each piece was published which is great for reporting purposes.

5. Keep Your Content Fresh & Up To Date

As new trends constantly come and go, it’s essential to keep your content fresh so you don’t become irrelevant, which means changing things around when needed. It can be achieved in several ways, whether it’s creating some new assets explicitly designed for the job or taking the time out to improve existing ones while making sure everything is up-to-date too. By doing this, you are showing that you’re constantly on top of what’s happening and giving your audience more reasons to engage with what you’re sharing online via social media, forums, or wherever else they may be.

6. Optimize Your Content

While SEO will evolve year on year, there are certain elements associated with it that will stay the same, which is why it’s important to remember. For example, optimizing your content around keywords and ensuring they’re relevant to what you’re trying to achieve is now more important than ever. The likes of Google Hummingbird now take synonyms and other elements into account.

It means that even using a phrase like ‘landscaping’ could also target searches such as ‘front garden design’ or ‘garden landscaping,’ which can be done by making sure your on-page SEO is up to scratch, showing off with alt tags, and so on.

7. Embrace Mobile Visitors

Even though most people will access sites via their laptops or PCs, mobile users are becoming increasingly popular too, so this is something you can’t ignore. It means websites that are ‘responsive’ or automatically set out for each device type will be important moving forward, which is more important than ever when engaging with your target market.

For example, if you’re an online clothing retailer and want to make the most of your on-page SEO around keywords such as ‘sexy dresses’ but also ‘cheap plus dress,’ making sure these work across all devices by having a responsive design is essential in reaching the right people, no matter what they’re using to get there.

Wrapping Up!

SEO isn’t just about getting noticed by Google anymore – especially when so many other marketing activities need doing too, but getting yourself into one of their top positions can be a great way of driving more traffic to your site. To do this, you need to make sure everything is set out in advance, that keywords are relevant, and that you’re getting some great social media coverage, which all comes down to having the right strategy in place.

Lindsay Johnson’s key to work has always been passion, loyalty, and hard work, especially in the field of Content Writing. Lindsay is a CS student along with having compatibility of putting hands on new learning techniques to get knowledge and information. Apart from that, she loves traveling and exploring new ravishing places. Her motto is to live your life the way how you feel it and how you want it to be. Nothing’s impossible, your Mind Controls your willpower and spirit. Having firm belief would give you better new opportunities to explore your spirit.