Contrary to what some people may tell you, the Internet is not a very good “get-rich-quick” medium. Given that I create webstores for a living, this statement is significant.

Too many people start focusing on making money too early in the process. They put up a website with some stuff to sell or place a bunch of ads on a page in the hope of making some quick money.

The best way is to take time in the choice of our niche and topic. Then we need to take time to create great content and build a steady flow of new and returning visitors. And then we need to be persistent and stubborn, adding more and more quality pages. Only then should you start monetizing.

Once you have written a hundred pages or more, you could probably remix some of that content into an e-book or digital guide or workbook of some kind. If you offer what they can already find free on your site they won’t buy. If you add extra value, they will. Just sell it as a digital download. At this point you are selling information, because you are now the recognized expert.

Being a recognized expert, you can now more easily sell physical products in your webstore. The reason why people will now buy from you are 1.) because you have enough valuable content on your website that Google and other search engines will find you, and 2.) since you obviously know what you are talking about, you can make a product recommendation, and people will believe you and want to buy from you.