The number one question that any web designer gets asked is “How can I get listed on page 1 of Google?” While there are no 100% guarantees, the method I’m going to describe in this post will likely land you in that coveted spot, especially for geographically based searches. We have proven this method over and over again and it works, without paying huge sums of money or waiting months to get ranked. Doing this involves the use of YouTube (a Google owned property). Here’s why this works:

80% of all internet content consumed today is Video. People spend 88% more time on a website with video, and 72% of visitors prefer video. Companies that create video content earn 41% more traffic from search engines results than those who don’t. Adding a video to a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Only 9% of all businesses actually are using YouTube. Share on X

Yet, only 9% of all businesses actually are using YouTube. Did you hear what I just said? Only 9% of businesses are actually using YouTube! YouTube is the number 2 search engine and the 3rd most popular website in the world. If you utilize YouTube properly, you can get to the top of Google. These are the steps to follow…

Title – Spend time doing keyword research. Make sure your keyword is in the title, as this is the most important. When you create the video, do a voice over and include the keywords in the audio narration of your video. The reason for doing this is that YouTube uses boice to text recognition software and you want your video to be seen as relevant for those keywords. For example, I just made a video for a client who wanted to rank for “Discount Coupons in Highlands Ranch.” I used that keyword phrase as the title of the video and I used those exact keywords in the narration of the video as well.

Description (Best Practices)

  • Snippet – 1st 2 lines. Just like a press release –  make it short.
  • Longer description – give the full explanation for someone who would rather read than watch and include the words used in the title, including the geographic location (Discount Coupons in Highlands Ranch). Even if no ones reads your long description, Google will scan it which is important for ranking purposes.
  • Resources – Specifically, link to the page or post on your website related to this topic. Be sure to include the fully qualified URL starting with https://
  • NAP – (Name Address Phone number) or Citation.
  • MAP – If this is a local video, use your Google Map Link URL
  • Connect with me on Social – List the URL links to your social sites, ie Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Tags – Other commonly used keywords that are used to describe you and what you do. Keywords that are related to your title. Include a consistent, unique meta tag on all videos so YouTube sees them as “related.” For example: Webstores8779241414. This helps YouTube to decide which videos to play after yours has finished – keep them on your channel by using a unique tag on all your videos that no one else is using.

Go to YouTube Studio:

  • Create a custom thumbnail – keep it similar across all videos
  • Change the location of the video for local videos
  • Embed the video – use the YouTube embed code and put it on the page you are linking to mentioned in resources.

Here is the video I describe iin this example:

The result? Within 30 seconds, here is what is appearing on Google:

Both the website and the video are appearing on page 1 of Google. We can make this happen for you as well – give us a call at 303-688-6560 and let us get you on page 1 of Google!

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