Last week’s article showed you how you can outrank your competitors using video when you are targeting specific long tail keywords, such as a product name or model number. But wouldn’t it be cool if you could look into your competitors’ website and steal their keywords? Even better, what if you could do this for free?

Well, that is just one of the features of the AIOSEO (all in one SEO) WordPress plugin, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

First, you will need to install the AIOSEO plugin on your site. If you are using another SEO plugin like Yoast, you will have the opportunity to import your settings from that plugin. Once you are ready, head over the the menu item, “Alll in One SEO -> SEO Analysis.” This is going to show you an analysis of your own website. For example:

seo analysis for webstores

Now, look for the link along the top that says “Analyze Competitor Site” and click on this. Then enter the URL of your competitor’s site. If you recall from last week, we were talking about outranking Swingline Staplers, so let’s use that example here. Notice that the top 10 keywords being used on this site can be used to help you figure out the keywords you can use on your own site!

seo analysis example
Additionally,the SEO analysis shows you what actions you can take to improve your own rankings. Note that these refer to on-page SEO factors, such as heading tags, titles, meta descriptions and keywords. As we discussed last week, backlinks (hyperlinks pointing back to your website from another site) are still the single most important factor for ranking on Google. You might have a score of 81% (excellent) from the AIOSEO plugin, meaning that you’ve done most things right on your page, but without backlinks, you still may not rank on page 1. That is why the link from YouTube back to your website is so important.

Stealing your competitor’s keywords is helpful, but you can also use this feature to see how well individual pages and blog posts are optimized. Instead of entering your competitor’s site into the form, try entering one of your sub-pages, articles, or even product listings. For example, here is the analysis of last week’s article:

seo analysis for blog article

Notice that I have room for improvement. Again, if I get enough people (including YouTube) to link to this article, the on-page SEO factors become less important, but there is no reason to not make this as good as possible.

Finally, AIOSEO has another link on the analysis page to analyze your headlines. Since titles (headlines) are the most important thing to get someone to read about your products and services, this is a great tool to help make sure you get it right. Here is an example:

headline analysis


AIOSEO offers a premium version of the plugin which you can checkout through my affiliate link: https://aioseo.com/features/woocommerce-seo/