You should not be hiring a copywriter.

You should be writing all of your own copy.

But, writing your own copy can feel so sloooooooow.

In fact, you might even think that you can’t do it. Not only can you, but it is imperative that you do it, and that you create original, high quality content at least weekly. And I don’t care what your business is. You might be a building contractor, a plumber, a brew pub, a coffee shop, photographer, house cleaner, candle maker. It doesn’t matter. EVERYONE need to prepare their own, original, high quality content via a blog, podcast, or video stream on a regular and consistent basis (read weekly)! That is how you grow your customer list and your following. And like I said, it doesn’t matter what profession you are in. YOU need to be creating your own copy, not someone you hire. Here’s how I recommend you start:

Imagine someone just walked into your shop and starts asking you about what you sell. You have a conversation with them, telling them about what you offer. Record that conversation! Talk into a microphone, just like you are talking to a potential customer. Now get that recording transcribed (you can do it with an app or pay someone on Fivver). You can pay someone to edit it for you, but the tone needs to sound like you.

Add some images to your weekly blog. Not all of us are photographers, so head over to Pixabay.com or Pexels.com and find an image that goes with what you are talking about. you can edit these images if you want, but you don’t have to. the idea is to start creating content that your customers will find valuable. In fact, you want your content to end up being a resource that your customers look forward to. I’ve got a number of clients in service based business that want to run ads (both paper ads and digital ads), and their default call to action is always “call for a free estimate.” Look, everyone offers a free estimate – that is not a good reason for someone to give you their contact information. You need to stand out. What if you said, “Click here to download the top 10 tips on…” Of course they will give you their email address to get this information. You can no longer just be another repair man – you must be seen as an expert in your field, and the best way to do this is to deliver consistent, original content to your customers.

If you really don’t like to write, then create a podcast or video recording. Talk about your topic. Invite customers to be guests. Share your knowledge, and it will pay huge dividends.

Finally, share your blog post with your email list and on your social media accounts. Do this every week and soon you’ll have more business and referrals than you can image!