by Tina Martin

When you run an ecommerce business, there are many benefits to integrating a few digital technologies available on the market. Automating processes will save you time and money as well as improve customer satisfaction, and satisfied customers will turn into repeat shoppers. So what are some technologies you should consider for your business? Let’s look at six of them:

BPM and Automation

Digital transformation should be a priority for any business looking to streamline and improve workflow. This digital transformation is driven by automation, and automation is integral to business process management: by optimizing processes through BPM, you’ll reduce the need for laborious, time-intensive, and repetitive tasks for your team members. Your employees will be able to accomplish more in less time and will be more likely to get on board with the new processes you’re implementing.

Big Data Analysis

Unleash the power of your ERP and CRM systems to automate your business processes and gain insights into consumer trends. Data analytic tools allow you to target a specific segment of the market. You can then tailor your sales and marketing strategies toward that particular group of customers and boost your company’s revenues. You will also be able to forecast consumer behavior and patterns, an invaluable asset when it comes to your own purchasing and sourcing of materials.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are helping businesses be more productive by optimizing their workflow, making processes faster and easier. You can improve team collaboration by creating calendars that can be shared with your team members, letting them know of deadlines, appointments, and meetings, and keeping all that information up-to-date and all in one place. Some productivity apps let you jot down notes on the go that you can quickly share with your team, improving communication within the company.

Digital Marketing Tools

Promoting your online business through different digital platforms and channels will help you reach out to your target market and generate sales. Pay-per-click advertising, social media ads, and content marketing are all designed to draw customers to your business website, and by increasing traffic, you will boost your site’s online ranking and improve your brand’s visibility. Let WebStores Ltd. optimize your web design and make it mobile-friendly so that you can reach your customers wherever they shop, whether at home or on the go.

Remote Work Tools

As a growing number of employees choose to work from home instead of going to the office, using project management software and systems that allow team members to work collaboratively will make your business more productive. You’ll be able to manage all your projects in one spot, eliminating the need for sending memos and forwarding emails. And by keeping everyone in the loop and able to retrieve the latest version of a file or document, you’ll allow for more effective communication with your suppliers and customers as well.

Time Management Tools

Using time tracking and project management tools within your company will make the task of creating timesheet invoices faster and virtually error-free. This is especially helpful if you have team members working remotely, or if you employ freelancers for certain tasks or projects. Some tools offer project overview features that let you know who is working on what, how much time is spent on each task, what has been accomplished, and what still needs to be done, which helps keep everyone on track.

When you’re planning on integrating digital technology and time-saving automation into your existing processes, take stock of your business needs first. Many productivity tools are available for ecommerce, but the only ones you really need are the ones you and your team members will actually use. So select the right ones to take your ecommerce business to the next level.

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Tina Martin stays busy as a life coach and works hard to help herself and her clients achieve a healthy work-life balance. She is also working on her first book, Ideaspired: Put Your Ideas, Your Inspiration, and Yourself First to Make Your Dreams Come True. She also started ideaspired.com as a side project to reach as many people as possible, and encourage them to put their dreams first.