In the past 17 years of doing Internet marketing, I’ve seen lots of changes. I have often preached about how SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is the result of doing lots of other marketing efforts well, and the search engines reward you for doing this, rather than trying to put all you efforts into SEO and hope that you will get traffic as a result. The fact remains that if you drive lots of traffic to your website by creating back-links, having people talk about you and share your site, and by being seen everywhere on the internet, you will naturally rise to the top of the search engine results.

Most good Internet marketers have finally come to realize this. Yet almost every web designer and internet marketing expert still looks at your website as the center of the universe. Some change this graphic to put your blog at the center. They feel that the purpose of all the other social media sites, article sites, online directories, blogs, video sharing sites, etc. is to simply drive traffic back to your website. As the graphic below clearly shows, WebStores Ltd offers a different way of looking at your complete marketing efforts – with the customer in the center and providing 2-way interaction with all your points of exposure on the Internet. this is the best way to success with your online business.