Today, a website is a “must have” for every business. Different businesses have different goals for their websites. The goals of a sales website might be different than the goals for information sites. But every website should be providing a positive value to its owner. This might be as simple as improved communication or it may be a revenue generator. As an Internet specialist, I see far too many websites that are not performing to their owner’s expectations.

Over time, many business owners have invested a fair amount of money in their websites, and are still not seeing results. With a slow economy, they are understandably reluctant to spend money upgrading their websites. They have a website and are happy with their webmaster, whom they’ve established a relationship with over time. Or, to save money, they have brought their webmaster duties in-house and are doing much of the work themselves.

As it turns out, a site upgrade may not even be needed – it may be that the website simply hasn’t been properly promoted. Often, it is not the fault of the website itself, but rather the knowledge that it takes to market your presence on the Internet to its full potential.

You see, your website is only one small piece of the total exposure your company needs on the Internet. In the past, business owners were concerned with getting listed number one on Google. But Google is no longer the only factor you need to be concerned with. You see, the problem with Google is that it only drives about 10 percent of the traffic to an average website. Today you must be everywhere – and you must market your business to the other 90 percent using YouTube, Facebook, and a host of other virtual locations where your customers expect to find you.

Most webmasters are very good at the technical and creative aspects of putting a site together, but they do not provide a comprehensive emarketing package. If they provide any marketing help at all, it is with SEO or Search Engine Optimization, which you just learned is a very small piece of the action. Business owners today need an eMarketing solution, and WebStores Ltd provides such a program. If you are not managing your total footprint on the Internet and are only concerned about your website, you might benefit from an emarketing coach.