In the digital age, the potential for creating and selling products online is limitless. From tileable images and software plugins to online courses, the market for digital products is vast and growing.

Go to Etsy.com and search for “Digital download” and you will see the huge demand there is for prints, cards, stickers, wall art, and patterns. According to Statisa, revenue in the Digital Media market is projected to reach US$624 billion in 2023.

Wedding resources including digital planners, spreadsheets, templates, invitations, announcements, party games, guides and stationary are huge. These types of digital resources can extend to include baby showers, graduation, birthdays, family reunions, retirement, housewarming, fundraisers, holiday parties, religious milestones, anniversaries, business events, vacations, health and fitness, and more.

All of these things can certainly be created as physical products but often these are sold as nothing more than a printable PDF file. And nothing is preventing you from selling them as both physical and digital products – the choice is yours.

One of the most exciting developments in this space is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create these products.This is one of the lessons we teach in the AI Money Machine.

Digital Products and Your Store

The vast majority of people who read this blog sell physical products like food, clothing, art, mechanical parts, and gifts. My guess is that you seldom think about digital products that you could sell yourself (even though you likely consume many digital products such as subscriptions to streaming services and software for your website).

Stop and think about how you could add digital products to your offerings. For example, could you create a digital downloadable cookbook or fashion Lookbook? What about a subscription service to unique content? Here are some specific digital products that we teach in the AI Money Machine:

1. Tileable Images (Patterns)

Tileable images, or seamless patterns, are a popular digital product, especially in the world of design. They can be used in a variety of applications, from website backgrounds to fabric designs. Here’s how you can create them using AI:

Use a tool like Midjourney or Leonardo to generate the pattern.. For example, here a prompt and the resulting output from Midjourney:

birthday pattern. vector style. –tile

Notice the –tile parameter. This tells Midjourney to make this be a tileable pattern.

Midjourney actually creates 4 patterns, each of which can be upscaled and saved as a tileable image which you can then sell on your website. For example, if you are using woocommerce, you specify that this is a virtual product (intangible and not-shipped like an online course), and downloadable (access to a file is given upon purchase, such as your pattern image).

2. Software (such as WordPress Plugins)

AI can also be used to create software, such as WordPress plugins. For example, you can prompt ChatGPT to write a plugin for you that performs a specific task. For example, you might use this prompt:

Create a simple WordPress plugin that checks for spelling errors across all the pages of the website. The interface should be a link that says “Check Spelling Now” and when complete, it should return a list of pages with misspelled words.

ChatGPT will then produce the code for you like this (partial listing only).

You can now edit this file (such as inputting your name and website), and the zip up the file. The zipped file can be uploaded to a website by selecting Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.

Once the plugin has been uploaded, you can activate and test it to make sure it works. ChatGPT will allow you to tweak the code if you find you need to make some changes to get it to work.

You can now sell the zipped file as a downloaded plugin on your website.

3. Online Courses

Almost anything can be taught online, from baking to fixing a dryer. AI tools like ChatGPT can be used to help you outline the course, create the written content for the course, create quizzes, and other interactive elements. You can then use various AI video creation tools to provide the video content (we show you how to do that in the AI Money Machine also).

In this example, I used a still image (you can generate one in the software or use a tool like Midjourney to create still images for you). You can then use D-id.com or other AI software to generate a talking video for your online course (or ads or whatever) like this:

AI is revolutionizing the creation of digital products, making it easier and more efficient than ever. By leveraging AI, you can tap into this lucrative market and start selling your own unique digital products. So why wait?Register for the AI Money Machine today!