Here’s a great way to kick off the New Year for your business! On  January 13-14, 2011, WebStores Ltd will be hosting an event called the “Ecommerce Extravaganza!” This will be 2 full days learning by some of the world’s top experts on all aspects of eBusiness from online marketing to sales and order fulfillment.

This event is different than anything you have ever attended. It is going to be a combination live event and a virtual event. In order to get all the industry experts in one place, we will be using a new webinar software allows each of the presenters to broadcast from their own location. Attendees will be able to see the presenter as well as any slides they are using for their presentation. As opposed to seeing only the powerpoint, this makes for a more exciting event when the viewers can also see the person giving the speech.

For those in the Denver area, the event will also be a live event – that is, many of the presenters will also be presenting to the attendees in a traditional seminar format. The location is still to be determined. It is your choice as to how to attend the “Ecommerce Extravaganza!” – by joining us for the live seminar or signing up to view the webinar on your computer. Either way, this event promises to deliver an incredible amount of information for any online business.

Day-long or multiple day courses like this often cost $500 per day to attend. And then, the course may only be taught by one person. We are breaking ground once again by combining a number of the top experts at a single event.