As business owners, we often get excited about new technologies and try them for a while, but then stop using them. YouTube seems to fall into this category for many small business owners – you may have created a video back in 2006 or so and haven’t done anything with it since. This could be a big mistake – video is not only one of the hottest media on the Internet, but it is used as a significant indicator in Google search results. I sat down recently with local YouTube expert, Anthony Prichard, to discuss how ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores could be using video to expand their marketing. Some of the topics and ideas we discussed were

  • Customer Testimonials, and how to get them on video
  • Need for release form
  • Demonstrations / Sales Videos
  • Simple tools for recording and editing video
  • Customer Service
  • Personalized Email Videos
  • Live Streaming Videos (Facebook)
  • Using YouTube to improve search engine results

Watch the video here:

[s3vpp id=6229627d3f68686cbba2cb4fa38ca947]