A ecommerce expert once said that business has moved from the marketplace to the market space. It’s very hard to comprehend this statement considering that the marketplace itself is a space. I believe that what he is saying is that business has gone cyber, hence the use of space (as in cyberspace). There are lots of proofs to back this claim. The internet has also caused an increase in the development of small and medium scale enterprises. This is because it provides the best of opportunities at the minimal of cost to establish your business. Not everyone will have the financial strength to seek help from a very good magento ecommerce agency. Furthermore, the information the ecommerce development company you want to consult uses in serving you is made available km the internet. The internet has made life easy by giving you access to the basics on how to go about on your journey to becoming an ecommerce enterprise owner.

Despite the long epistle of how much the internet can be of help when starting up your own ecommerce enterprise, you could easily get lost while trying to find your way. There are high chances you will or are already making a mistake in the process of building your website. This is probably the reason why your website has not lived up to its full potential. An official website is a necessary for your business and so is having a website that is worth calling and official website. It is somewhat better that you don’t have a website at all than having one that will drive your business to the ground. This article will open your eyes to “Mistakes To Avoid While Building An E-Commerce Website”.

Not having a mobile friendly website

Are you for real? Like you could be a business owner in the year and still not have a website either having a mobile version and/or is optimized for mobile viewing. Considering the fact that your website is an ecommerce website and your potential customers as well as the general public would rather access. This is a mistake you must avoid when building your ecommerce website and you should seek to rectify if you are already guilty of it. By making this mistake you are depriving yourself of the much needed traffic and depriving people of the opportunity to have their needs met. You can either format your website to enable mobile viewers have full access to your website or have two versions (mobile and desktop versions) for your web visitors to choose from.

Having a poor design

If there is a mistake that is more criminal than my previous point then it is the mistake of designing a mistake and calling it and ecommerce website. The aspect of web design is so broad that it should be an independent writeup on its own. It covers a number of issues such as content, navigation, website loading speed and so much more. When designing your website, it is good your choose your content management system based on feedback given by other users rather than¬† just the description given by the developer. Nobody can assess a product better than it’s user, not even its producer/manufacturer. This is because nobody believes that he or she is doing something that’s not good enough.

Having non-descriptive, unclear or on actions

The issue of call to action is a very tenacious one as you can easily go off track by trying to do the right thing. I have witnessed a case where I had to turn down the opportunity of taking a call to action as the call to action button was just all in my face. It was very flashy, so flashy that I left the content of the message and started on the PowerPoint display before me. Despite all that, it is best that you use a very clear call to action. Always use buttons as against the use of links. You should place them at multiple places in your content but you should ensure that your call to action doesn’t overshadow your content or message.

Having little or no social media integration and other inbound links

Links especially backlinks are very important to your website for a number of reasons. Besides the fact that they affect your SEO ranking, they also prove your website to be a trustworthy one with proper and valuable content. Not having a substantial amount of links is a mistake itself, one that you must avoid. There are lots of ways that you can use to get backlinks but the easiest of them is through social media. All you need to do is have a social media account and post the updates of your website on your timeline alongside the link to where the original post is located in your website. There are other means of getting backlinks like guest blogging, forums, etc but social media is the most preferred as it involves minimal cost.

Absence of contact links and customer support

If you are still doing this then you do not deserve to be doing business in this age and time. Long gone when business was all about exchanging your product or service for money. This days, business is more about the relationship you build with your customers. With a strong customer support, you may not need to start any marketing campaign as your customers will market your business for you. Considering that customer support is essential for business, I wonder how you intend to support your customers when you didn’t ¬†provide any means by which you can be reached. You can make a change by creating avenues by which they can reach you. Do not just stop there, you can go further by indicating the times and days that you can be reached using these means. If you can, you can provide other automated means of support such as chatbots, FAQ and so on.

There are a lot of mistakes, some are inherent in some of the points I stated above. Some mistakes were not categorically stated such as poor page loading speed, image optimization, poor site navigation and a host of others. Those are besides the mistakes of not having the necessary ecommerce tools such as multiple payment options, easy checkout, etc. However, avoiding the mistakes stated in this article will revive your website and give you a headstart to build on as you try to stay in the competition.


Guest blog by: Junaid Ali Qureshi, an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include Elabelz.com, Progos Tech, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.