Monetize Your Expertise

While Working From Anywhere!

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To get the most from your website you really need to nurture it. Even if you already have a functioning website, it’s important for business owners to understand that maintenance is an expected part of having a website. This applies to every website, built on every platform. There is no such thing as a maintenance-free website. Every business should be able to properly care for and feed their website. That’s why I’m offering this live, hands-on course.

You don’t have to do this alone. Seriously, it’s not just hands-on help, it’s hand-holding help! At the end of the course, you will walk away with a fully functional website AND know how to use it to get more sales.

Get Everything You Need With Just One Course

This is an actual live class where you get to interact with the instructor and other students over a period of 12 weeks, much like an actual classroom

  • Live, interactive zoom calls where you can ask questions
  • Pre-recorded videos that you can watch at any time
  • Access to me via email
  • Private Facebook group where you can ask questions and engage with other students
  • Written handouts
  • Student “work area” (hosting of temporary website) where you can learn and experiment

What You’ll Learn

The basics of WordPress

  • Updating your home page
  • Adding & editing content
  • Creating graphics, resizing photos, and other website images
  • Creating forms
  • Redesigning web pages or even your entire site
  • Getting more high quality leads, emails, and phone calls from your website

Understanding WooCommerce

  • Fulfilling orders, shipping methods, payment options
  • Adding, editing. and maintaining products in your online store
  • Adding specials, sales, coupons, and other incentives
  • How to write titles that sizzle and product descriptions that sell

Building Traffic to Your Site

  • Get Found
    • How to rank videos
    • Getting more traffic to your site
    • Getting on Page 1
  • Get Clicked On
    • Get more 5 star reviews
    • Rich snippets
  • Get Repeat Visitors
    • Creating Lead Magnets
    • Text Message Marketing
    • Email Marketing
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Valorie Snyder

I had previously attempted to create a WordPress website on my own and found it to be confusing and frustrating.This class helped to demystify it and covered a great deal of information I didn’t even realize I needed to know. I also appreciated his patience and willingness to take whatever time was necessary to answer questions and help students individually with specific problems.

Ann Bennett

Greg was a very patient and thorough instructor for a fairly complicated subject manner. Not only did he have the subject matter mastered he had a lot of realworld suggestions.Combining the technical with his experience in social media was a real plus.It also provides a shortened learning curve and allows the students to quickly apply the knowledge they are learning.

Heather Bro

The class was excellent and served my purposes perfectly. Greg was very detailed in his instruction and went above and beyond in sharing his knowledge with the class. He was also patient with the differing knowledge levels and explained, when necessary, technical jargon, lingo, insights and opinions. I left at the end of his series of classes with a broad knowledge of WordPress and will be able to set up a website.

Amazing Value!

I have been teaching my customers how to get the most of of their websites for over 20 years. I’m currently teaching at the college level, drawing on my years of website design experience since 2005. You aren’t just getting an online course, you are getting me as your mentor. I normally charge as much as $10,000 to build a website and now I’m going to take you step by step so you can do this yourself. This is a remarkable value because at the end of the course, you will walk away with a fully functional website AND know how to use it.

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