I had a client ask me recently to write a guest post on his blog, as he had temporarily run out of material. This may be a problem for many small business owners. I actually have the opposite problem – lots of material, but not always enough time to write about it. Either way, guest blogs are a great way to expand your reach.

Let’s face it – most blogs don’t have much readership. Many small businesses find it hard to blog and only do it occasionally. While that is better than nothing, the most effective way to blog is to do it consistently. You might choose monthly, weekly, a couple of times a week, or daily. Professional bloggers that are able to crank out a new article once or more per day have my admiration, because like I said, I simply don’t have the time to do that. But the fact remains that even if you have low readership to your blog, the more frequently you post, the better it is for search engine optimization.

Since your readership is likely less than you would prefer, you will want to get found on as many places as possible. I recommend having your blog posts automatically feed to your Facebook page, twitter account, and Linkedin profile.  This gives you additional exposure for your posts. And when asked to provide a guest post to someone else’s blog – by all means do it! You may pick up new readers this way, further expanding your reach.

Now, since I’m strapped for time, anyone want to volunteer? Let me know what has worked for your business as it relates to Internet marketing – here is an opportunity to get another backlink to your website!