This is a good time to be in ecommerce. In fact, it is the BEST time ever to be in ecommerce. Prior to the pandemic, about 12% of all sales were online. Now, according to statistica.com, “After a shift in shopping behavior in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, in-store shopping was set to pick up steam in the following years. According to a survey, in both 2021 and 2022, about 57 percent of U.S. consumers intended to shop online during the holiday season. In contrast, 43 percent of shoppers in the North American country planned to go to stores.”

But like anything that is good, this also brings a lot of challenges. Fraud prevention and security. Running effective marketing campaigns. Choosing the right technology and partners. Keeping up with changing technology and trends. Struggles with meeting staffing needs amid worker shortages. Lack of capital or cash flow. Meeting customer demands for faster delivery. Managing inventory and fulfillment. Integrating with your POS system. Supply chain risks. Attracting the perfect customer and creating customer loyalty. Converting visitors into shoppers and shoppers into customers. Competition and competitor analysis. Pricing. Shipping. Taxes. Product returns and refunds.- the increasing demand for personalization. rising customer expectations. The impact of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Rising costs of digital advertising. social selling and influencer marketing. Livestream marketing. Short videos such as TikTok and Instagam reels.

The list goes on. And the challenges are real.Yes, this is the best time in history to have an online shop. It is also the most challenging.

These are the kinds of issues we address in the WebStores Masters Program.This is much more than another online course – it is a complete program consisting of a bi-weekly mastermind, live online lessons, 1:! coaching, and done-with-you services. While recorded material is available for when you are time constrained, this program is purposefully limited to a small number of business owners to help you with the issues facing your online business. In the mastermind, we all help each other. It is through your participation that you will get the most out of this.

Unlike some online courses and programs you may have seen, this is NOT the last chance to get into the WebStores Masters Program that is launching this week. I don’t try to create fake urgency by closing and re-opening the program once or twice each year. It’s important to me that everyone has the option of taking my program at any time that works for them.

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I cannot guarantee that this will 10X your sales. but I can guarantee that the results will absolutely be worth it! For a small fraction of what you would pay for an entry level webmaster or marketing assistant, you will get not only my decades worth of experience, but that of your colleagues. This is likely to be the best investment you can make in your online business this year.

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