Guest post by Kaylee White

When you think about online shopping, what drives you? You, of course, are representative of all shoppers, so some of the reasons that you shop or abandon a cart may be reflective of your customer base. For example, you might be driven based on price. Or something might be available on a website that you’d rather shop on versus another one.

But if you think about modern-day shopping, it differs quite a bit from what it looked like at the start of the internet and online shopping. Back then there were a few options, such as Amazon for books or eBay for selling items. You’d always have to enter a credit card — there were no other options. Today? There are online payment portals, even just paying with your phone. What else do you need to know about when it comes to online shopping? This graphic explains it.

The complete article may be found at: https://consumerdecisions.org/online-shopping-statistics/#infographic