Why partner with me on the AI Money Machine Program?

You are seeing this page because you have been invited to participate with me in a high end program called the AI Money Machine Program. This program is designed for business owners who want to generate additional income using Artificial Intelligence.

Summary: Earn 50% commissions on every person you sign up. Registration fees range from $997 to $5497 so there is lots of potential to earn some good revenue. No minimum payouts and get paid within 30 days. Optionally (for no cost), I can customize the landing page just for you and include you in the actual program. All you have to do is send students my way!

What you get as a partner:

My goal is to make this worth your while to promote this program to your list of clients, colleagues, business associates and social media followers. So here is the deal:


For every person you sign up for this program, you will get 50% of the program fees.

No minimum payout amount.

All payments made within 30 days.

No maximum earnings!

Access the program for free yourself when you sign up at least one person (at any level).

I will modify the landing page to create a customized version just for you!

And – you will be included on the program’s welcome screen. This includes your logo plus a short description with a link to your site.

“Wow! I’ve participated in lots of affiliate programs and most of them hold onto my earnings, but you paid me right away! I highly recommend Greg as a partner.” ~Marty

What I can provide:

A webinar or podcast interview specifically for your audience to help you promote this program.

Graphics and swipe files as needed for emails and social media posts. I have found that personalized information for your own audience works best, but I am happy to provide as much material as I can to get you started.

A true high-ticket, high performance offer!

There are 3 levels of membership. The low end is still a high-ticket offer, but affordable for any serious business. The investment is just $997.

The mid-level package is $2497 that includes 1:1 coaching time.

The top-tier is $5497 and includes a webstore.

What this program is NOT:

This is not a series of webinars or just a high-level overview of AI. It is not just how to create prompts in ChatGPT.

What this program IS:

The AI Money Machine Program is a fully immersive and interactive hands-on program the guarantees students will create AI-generated products and sell them online. It consists of live classes, pre-recorded lessons, a printed step-by-step playbook, access to our proprietary AI, and 1:1 time with me.

When does this start? How often do you launch?

The next start date is September 6, 2023, so you can get people excited about this NOW!  You can see the official landing page at https://webstoresltd.com/aimm/ Once you have been accepted as a partner, you can simply append your affiliate id to that link (or the custom link I create just for you).

I expect to launch the course 3 to 4 times each year. The buttons below should give you all the information you need about the program, including the curriculum tab on the course itself.

Background (Why should I recommend you?):

I have had my own business since 1985. I’ve won awards for Colorado Small Business of the Year, been listed on the Inc. 500, sold through an international network in 35 countries, and have taken a business public. I’ve been working with AI since the mid 1980’s and I’ve been in the internet space since 1996, essentially the beginning of the internet. I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of companies and almost all of them have a similar issue: Their website isn’t making as much money as they want.

Is your list a good fit for this?

Maybe you are thinking you are not a fit for this program for other reasons. You are concerned about list fatigue or recommending something that is new (even though I’ve been helping shop owners since 1996!). Perhaps your client base sells only on marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy (which is actually fine – they don’t have to have their own website). Maybe you are concerned because you are into social media marketing, online advertising, app or plugin development, or authority building – these are all actually great reasons to partner with me. But if you do have specific concerns, I encourage you to schedule a call with me and we can discuss them. Just set up an appointment at https://calend.ly/gregjameson

How do I sign up to be a partner?

Just fill out this form and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours.