Website designers will tell you that you need to update your website at least once every 2 years. That is not how frequently you should update your content – you need to update your content on a regular basis, at least once per week. Because we are working on lots of website for lots of customers and helping them with their digital marketing, we are often like the cobbler’s kids not having any shoes of their own to wear. However, we have now launced an update to our own website. Check it out at https://webstoresltd.com.

We do try to write new blog posts on a regular basis and keep our content up to date. Our new site design will display the latest pots on the home page – just scroll down and and you will see the most recent posts shown automatically on the home page. the site is also set up to automatically send out these newsletters whenever we create a new post. And the new post will show up automatically on our Facebook page. This type of do it once and post everywhere automation is something we recommend for any website. Regardless of your industry, keeping in touch with your clients via email is important.

It may take us a few more weeks to get everything imported from the old website into the new one, but we encourage you to poke around. If you see something missing or not working, please let us know.