The AI Money Machine: A Practical Step-by-Step Course


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Create an entire ecommerce business using AI. No experience required. Classes will be held on Thursdays starting June 8 at 2:00pm Mountain Time.

Register now because this Experiential Learning Program will allow you to actually create stunning AI-generated products and sell them online in a matter of days. Guaranteed!


You are aware that AI is growing fast but you’re not sure what all the fuss is about. Will this impact my business? How? What can I do with AI to make more money? What can I do to embrace AI instead of fearing it and pretending it won’t affect me? You will find the answers to those questions and more in the AI Money Machine Course.

The AI Money Machine Course

The AI Money Machine Course will help you master AI in it’s current state and empower you to put it to use now and in the future.

In this four week course, you will learn what AI is and is not. You will engage with AI yourself and create real products with currently available and free AI tools. This workshop will be unlike anything else you have ever attended.

With your ‘hands-on’ experience, you will not just learn about AI, but your will immerse yourself into it. When done, you will have created both physical and virtual products, generated by AI, that you can sell and profit from online.

Greg Jameson, Author and Trainer

You will be taught LIVE by Greg Jameson, the eCommerce AI Visionary, who has been on the leading edge of internet technology and web commerce for decades. He has successfully used the tools in this course for his clients. Heck, he not only wrote the book on AI, he had AI write its own book, Written by a Robot, too.

Course Outline: All LIVE classes will be at 2:00pm Mountain Time. Classes will be recorded for later reference.

  • June 8 – Understanding AI and the Positive Impacts to Web Commerce

We will cover using AI to generate lead magnets, privacy and policy pages, catchy and unique product titles and descriptions that are designed to sell, and even generate customer reviews. We’ll use tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard and Bing Chat. We’ll also implement chatbots for your e-commerce, that will recommend products from your own catalog. We will include technologies for making predictions about purchases based on AI, and using machine learning, to suggest other products to your customers.

  • June 15 –  How to Create Physical Products with AI

We will show you how to use tools like Midjourney and Bing AI Image generator to create stunning, personalized product images for your print-on-demand products. You will learn how to use AI to create custom designs, backgrounds, and colors for your products, as well as how to use AI to automate the image creation process. You will learn how you can use AI tools to create sayings that when combined with graphics to make t-shirts, mugs, and much more. These products can be sold on your website, Amazon, or Etsy – and we are going to make this happen for you.

  • June 22 – Creating Digital Products with AI

We are going to create some downloadable digital products, including software plugins, videos, and even online courses you can sell. We will be using a variety of AI tools such as Synthesia and AI Studios for creating video instruction using AI avatars, quizzes, background music, and more. Again, this isn’t just theory or watching me do this – you are going to leave this workshop with AI-generated products that you can start selling immediately.

  • June 29 – Marketing your online store using AI

We will demonstrate how to use AI Engine and other WordPress plugins to improve your web store’s marketing performance and get the products you have created in front of your target audience. Using AI, you will learn how to create articles about the products you have created, post social media posts, create ad campaigns, and funnel email blasts. All of these techniques will work whether you are already selling products online or don’t even know what to sell.

Summing Up the Value

By the end of this program, you will have a solid understanding of how to use AI to improve your eCommerce store’s performance and profitability. AND, you will have created products that actually make you money!

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Don’t delay. This live course has limited enrollment to provide personal attention to each participant. It’s not a lecture, it’s a hands-on workshop that will have you create stunning AI-generated products and be able to sell them online in a matter of days.


  • Printed copy of ‘Written By A Robot’
  • 200+ page “AI Product Playbook” with step-by-step instructions for each module
  • T-Shirt: “Artificial Intelligence – Because Programming Humans Is Too Hard!”


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