Hide All Navigation


Transform your WordPress site with the “Hide All Navigation” plugin, perfect for crafting sleek squeeze pages or creating iframe-embeddable content by effortlessly hiding headers, footers, and sidebars on any page.


The “Hide All Navigation” plugin is a versatile and essential tool for WordPress site owners looking to enhance the effectiveness and aesthetics of their web pages. This plugin is especially beneficial for those focused on creating high-converting squeeze pages or designing pages intended for iframe embedding.

Key Features:

  1. Per-Page Flexibility: Gain the power to selectively hide navigational elements like headers, footers, menus, and sidebars with a simple checkbox in your page editor. This per-page feature is perfect for customizing individual pages to suit various content strategies.
  2. Ideal for Squeeze Pages: By removing distracting elements, this plugin helps in creating focused, conversion-optimized squeeze pages. The clean and minimal layout keeps the visitors’ attention riveted to your call-to-action.
  3. Optimized for Iframe Embedding: Pages crafted using this plugin are ideal for embedding within iframes on other sites, as the absence of navigation elements provides a seamless integration, making your content look like an integral part of the host site.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive design of the plugin ensures ease of use. No technical skills required – just a click on a checkbox transforms your page layout.
  5. Broad Theme Compatibility: Crafted to work harmoniously with a variety of WordPress themes, including popular ones like Divi, this plugin ensures your design consistency is maintained across different themes.
  6. No Coding Skills Needed: Eliminate the hassle of coding and complicated configurations. This plugin is all about simplicity and effectiveness, opening up advanced design possibilities for all users.
  7. Lightweight and Responsive: Prioritizing performance, the plugin is built to be lightweight, ensuring that it doesn’t impact your site’s loading speed while maintaining responsiveness across devices.

Whether you are a marketer looking to create high-converting squeeze pages, a content creator aiming for clean, distraction-free layouts, or a developer in need of a simple solution for iframe-embedded content, the “Hide All Navigation” plugin is your go-to tool. Unleash the full potential of your WordPress site with this powerful yet simple plugin.