Monetize Your Expertise


Sell Your Products and Services From Anywhere

Foreword by Mike Capuzzi

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As I am writing this, the world is going through what many are referring to the “new normal” – challenging times brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses have been forced to shut down, lay off employees, and pivot overnight just to remain viable. The economic impact of this situation has been devasting for many businesses who were caught off-guard and the world’s economy has been altered forever.

But the truth is, this “new normal” is a lifestyle many of us had already embraced. Some refer to it as being a digital nomad or the laptop lifestyle – working from remote locations whenever and wherever you want. From solopreneurs to large corporations, we are seeing an influx of people who are working remotely, taking advantage of digital technologies to make a living.The key to making money online while working from home is to never put all your eggs in one basket. In fact, this may be the key to any successful long-term business.

As we’ve seen, the world around us can change quickly, so we want to have multiple streams of income, from multiple clients, so we can adapt as needed. This does NOT mean that you shouldn’t have a laser-like focus to your business. In fact, quite the opposite. Most successful entrepreneurs are very good at saying “no” and concentrating all their energy towards a specific objective and message they are putting out into the world.

So, when I talk about multiple streams of income, I am not referring to selling used cars on the weekend while delivering pizza during the week. You MUST have a clear message directed at a clear target audience to be successful. But you can, and should, have multiple ways of delivering that message.

There are lots of “website experts” who will show you how to build a website. And there are many “social media experts” that will show you how to drive traffic and market yourself. There are people who will teach you how to build complex funnels and convert traffic into sales. I am not going to tell you not to listen to them or why you should listen to me instead of them – in fact, I recommend that you learn from everyone you can. I do, and so should you.

But this book isn’t going to require that you spend 20 years learning all this stuff from numerous sources and hundreds of clients like I did. I am going to give you the basics of what it takes to create a profitable website in a few bite-sized chunks that will get you started. Then, if you decide to learn more, I am going to give you the opportunity to work directly with me to get your own webstore up and running, that you design, within a matter of weeks.I truly hope this short book gives you the inspiration you need to start your own profitable webstore.

My goal for you is to make the “new normal” be an opportunity for you rather than a crisis. And I promise to do this in as simple of way as possible.