The Influencer Effect


Powerful new business book on influencer marketing – perhaps the best marketing book of the year!

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“What a gift Greg Jameson has delivered to the business community with his newest book, The Influencer Effect!”, states Kevin Knebl (the most recommended business speaker in the world). Influencer marketing is one of the most popular advertising channels, and rightfully so, as it is becoming one of the most effect ways to attract customers. A log of people talk about influencer marketing, but few understand how it really works. this book shows you how you can implement it for your business.

Practicing what he preaches, Greg Jameson borrows the influence of others by featuring them at the beginning of each section. People like James Malinchak, Armand Morin, Steve Olsher, andrea Vahl, Joel Comm, Judith Briles, and Kenn McArthur are big names when it comes to their specific fields of marketing. The message and the stores in this book are powerful enough to stand on their own without needing the influence of these individuals, but it is stengthenedby using this technique as an example.

Armand Morin states in his foreword, “Greg’s system he outlines in The Influencer Effect will allow you to utilize these methods to gain other’s credibility to help you market your products and services. I’ve seen Greg’s presentation on this and he knows what he’s talking about. Read each word carefully and implement The Influencer Effect into your business today!”

The book has already received high praise from Stephanie Frank, Jessica Peterson, Patrick Snow, Dr. Gene Munson, Dr. Marlene Bizub, Gary Barnes, Mitch Krayton, Izabela Lundberg, Dani Espinosa, Bob Kittel, Andy Shepherd, Tracy Malone, and Kellan Fluckiger. As Rob Anspach states,  “If you have a website, you need this book. If you do any type of online marketing, you need this book. If you want to influence your audience to buy from you, refer you to their friends or share what you do on social media, you need this book.”