The Show Must Go On


Expanding Your Business With Online Trade Shows

Foreword by Mitch Krayton


Marketing and advertising have never been easy, but today it is even more of a challenge. People don’t like being marketed to. And they certainly don’t like their privacy being taken advantage of. In many cases it is now illegal to market to people by targeting them. The simple fact is, due to privacy concerns, new laws, and advertising blindness (consciously ignoring advertisements), marketing today is harder than ever. And it is getting harder.

Virtual trade shows are a digital platform that overcomes many of those concerns. The people attending virtual shows are there because they want to be there and learn about an exhibitor’s offerings. Until there is a better alternative, virtual trade shows will remain one of the best ways to market digitally. And that is the real reason why virtual trade shows will not only outlast the pandemic but will continue to thrive for the foreseeable future.

If you are looking for ways to successfully market your business with online events post-pandemic, this book is for you. Whether you have a small retail shop looking to attend an online show and want to make it successful, or you want to expand your business and host your own virtual show, this book will show you how.