Woo Sort Orders


Sort products within WooCommerce orders alphanumeric order based on product name.


When you have many items in an order, you may need to sort the products within that order to make fulfillment easier. This is the plugin you need!

  1. Alphabetical Sorting: Automatically sorts orders alphabetically based on the product name. This feature is especially beneficial for stores with a large inventory, making order management and identification quicker and more intuitive.
  2. Integration with Admin Dashboard and Invoices: The sorting applies not only to the admin dashboard but also to the invoices, ensuring consistency across various aspects of order management.
  3. Easy-to-Use Resort Option: Adds a convenient “Resort Order by Name” option under “Order Actions” in the admin dashboard. This allows for on-the-fly reorganization of orders as needed.
  4. Compatibility Check: The plugin first checks if WooCommerce is active before implementing its features, ensuring smooth integration and avoiding conflicts with other plugins.
  5. Custom Order Action Handling: It includes functions to handle custom actions such as removing existing items and adding sorted items back to the order, maintaining the integrity of the order data.