Working From Home Mastery




In these extraordinary times many people who haven’t chosen to work from home are now having to do so. And let’s face it, many are struggling! And others are adapting and finding some great pluses from being at home!

I have created a course to help people to maximize their effectiveness working and I actually bring some fun into it to.

This course is designed to compliment the excellent course that my good friend Greg Jameson has created, “Monetize Your Expertise.” Greg deftly guides you through the technical aspect of creating a lucrative business from home and I help you build the mindset.

If you have the technical knowledge but not the psychology to get up each day, motivated and raring to go the jobs not going to get done is it? And if your mind is working efficiently then what you do will follow suit, right? And how about fun? What if you could do all that and enjoy it at the same time?

There are great benefits to being at home and “Working From Home Mastery is all about making sure you are taking advantage of them so that you get to LOVE working from home!

I encourage you to take a look at the testimonials below this video of people who’s life I have had the privilege to impact

My course starts on 10th September (the day after Greg’s starts) We have weekly session on Zoom of about one hour each. Before and after each presentation I give you an opportunity to ask questions. All sessions are recorded and saved in a members area. There will also be aditional prerecorded videos there too.

There is also a Facebook Group where you can interact and encourage each other.

And as an added bonus, you get one 30 minute coaching session each month to coach you through any area you might need.

This course is of great value, it has everything you need and I guarantee it will help you to Master Working From Home.