Simple video for a still product. Can be uploaded to YouTube and then embedded on the product pages of your website.
Skill level: beginner

Prep Time:
30 Min
Production Time:
30 Min
Ready In:
1 Hr
(1) 2 minute video

•    1digital camera, any make
•    1 Royalty Free music file (download from http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/)
•    Windows Movie Maker program (included with Windows)
•    1 product to photograph
•    1 backdrop, contrasting color to product
•    1 tripod (optional, but recommended)

1.    Set up product to be photographed on a table in front of backdrop
2.    Attach camera to tripod, making sure there is adequate lighting
3.    Take 6-12 static images of the same product, including close-ups and various angles
4.    Copy the images from the camera to your computer
5.    Open Windows Movie Maker (Start > Run C:Program FilesMovie Makermoviemk.exe)
6.    Import Pictures. Locate the photos you just copied and import into Movie Maker.
7.    Go to “Storyboard” and drag each picture onto the storyboard.
8.    Go to “View Video Transitions” and drag the desired transition onto the storyboard BETWEEN each photo.
9.    RIGHT click on the star in the lower left of each photo and select “video effects”. Choose either “ease-in” or “ease-out” and select add. Alternate for each photo.
10.    From the left menu, choose “import audio or music”.
11.    Click on “Show timeline”.
12.    Drag the imported music file into the timeline.
13.    Click on “Make Titles or Credits”. Choose “Add Title on the Selected Clip” and enter your text in the box provided.
14.    Click on “Change the title animation and choose the style desired.
15.    Click on “Done. Add Title to Movie”.
16.    Click on the triangular “Play” button in the preview pane.
17.    Continue to edit movie as desired.
18.    When satisfied, select “File – Save Movie File” and follow the prompts.

For Best Results…
•    Make sure you describe how the product can be useful to your customer. If you want people to view your video, make sure it is informational, not a blatant commercial. Add humor if appropriate.
•    If possible, demonstrate how the product is used. Show various features in use. Video clips as well as still images may be used.
•    Keep the video to under 2 minutes.
•    Use the title feature to display your website and phone number in the movie.
•    Once the video has been uploaded to YouTube, tell everyone about it! Enjoy!