Guest post by Artur Meyster

Mandated remote work probably went one of two ways for you-—you had six failed attempts to make sourdough bread or you were trying to find a quiet place away from your kids’ loud activities. Work from home is a different experience for everyone; your company’s response was probably also unique. The companies who respect their employees’ work and trust them to get their work done probably had a smoother transition than those who feel the need to micromanage their employees’ work. 

Tech workers typically enjoy a high salary for their skilled labor. Since their jobs involve working on computers, they can complete their work from almost anywhere with a reliable Internet connection. 

If you don’t have a job from which you can telecommute, you probably might not have a career in tech. These jobs might seem attainable, but they aren’t. Coding bootcamps allow people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and education levels to get the necessary skills to get a tech job. 

One position bootcamps prepare you for is that of data scientist.

Data Scientist

One of the duties of a data scientist is to help software programs learn by themselves. This process is called machine learning. It might sound like a sci-fi/horror flick, but thousands of data scientists are assisting computers to learn from experience. When computers learn from collected data, it speeds up the development of new processes. The salary of data scientists, depending on where they live, is often above $100,000.

The coding language most frequently used by a data scientist is Python. If you are unfamiliar with Python, you can learn it by attending Thinkful’s data science bootcamp. This bootcamp offers multiple payment options as well as self-paced options to fit your life. If data scientist doesn’t seem like an appropriate role for you, Thinkful hosts courses for other types of tech careers, including web development. 

Web Development

A Web Developer is a software engineer that focuses on the coding of a website. They may work in a variety of programming languages to create a functioning website. Fixing bugs or maintaining coding after an update might fall under the purview of a web developer. 

There are three main types of developers: front end, back end, and full stack developer. A front end developer works on the customer-facing portion of the site or app. A back end developer does the opposite—they work on the servers on the company side. The reason for the split of customer and business side is to make sites faster. By splitting up responsibilities, the systems can process data faster together. A full stack developer is a combination of both front and back end developers. 

There are always new openings for web developers. Attending a bootcamp to build these skills could advance your career while earning a bigger paycheck. 

Dreaming Of Working From Home?

A tech job might be the perfect way to land a career you can always perform at home. Many companies allow working from home regularly, even before Covid-19. Want your pets to be your coworkers and lose your commute? A bootcamp can help you realize your goals. 

The Bootcamp Experience

Bootcamps are intensive courses that progress at a rapid rate. Bootcamps, like Flatiron School, have been helping people go from no tech experience to getting jobs at companies like Google and Facebook. Bootcamps are quicker than college degrees because they focus on relevant knowledge over theory. Most bootcamps are available online, mainly after Covid-19 limited the capacity for human gatherings. Some courses are full-time, but others allow for self-paced progression. Those who don’t want to quit their day job just yet can opt for a part-time course. 

Payment options for these bootcamps are flexible, with many allowing deferred payments until you get a tech job. With so many options, there is a bootcamp that’s right for you.

Take Action

Start researching tech careers to figure out which job is right for you. Besides data scientists and web developers, there are plenty of career choices that will leave you fulfilled at the end of the day. Most tech jobs are growing at a faster pace than other industries. Once you get your tech job and increased salary, you can create an impressive backdrop in your home, pick a virtual one, or show off by working remotely in a tropical location. 

Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.