Last year fellow author, entrepreneur, and colleague Guy Kawasaki asked me to review his latest book, so I was honored when he again asked me to review his latest book, “What the Plus”. Unlike his earlier publications, “What the Plus” is only available as an eBook, but like his other writings, this publication does not disappoint. Guy is a gifted writer, making it easy for anyone to understand technology and showing us how it is applicable in our lives. And the cost of this eBook is only $2.95, so it is a real bargain!

Guy begins by comparing Google+ to a Macintosh, claiming that it is a better social network, but people don’t yet “get it”. Unlike, Guy, I was never a Mac fan due to its closed architecture, but that doesn’t diminish the comparison. Why should you use yet another social network? To quote Guy, “At this time more than 500,000 people follow me on Twitter, and I have 90,000 fans on Facebook. This is to prove that I’m not a newbie to social media and, like many people, I need another social-media service like I need more e-mail or my dog to throw up on the carpet.” He goes on to show how Google+ is different than Facebook or Twitter and why you should be using it. If it is important enough to someone with that much presence in social media, you can be assured that it is worth your time to investigate how it can benefit you.

I really like how he ends Chapter 6: How to Share Posts. Quote: ‘One last piece of advice: despite what you read in this chapter, there are no “rules” in Google+ (or any social medium, for that matter). There is only what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. Feel free to ignore what I say and “think different.”

Guy’s passion for why Google+ is the best social media platform is obvious when reading this book, but more importantly, he provides 138 pages of useful and actionable information for an incredible value. Go out and get your copy now and you too will soon be a master of Google+


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