by Marie Nieves

In recent years, AI has breached practically every aspect of our lives. Just think about it – only two years ago, these two letters were something associated only with Sci-Fi movies and big tech conglomerates

Well, things have definitely changed, and, as you can probably expect, the AI tidal wave has swept over all corners of the business landscape as well. What does that mean for small and medium businesses that traditionally struggle to adopt such new, disruptive technologies? Is AI still too novel for this sector or do we have yet another tool SMBs can use to punch above their weight and compete with bigger players on more equal terms?

Fortunately, we are talking about the latter option. Let us take a look then at some of the best ways to utilize this novel tech in the small and medium business playground.

Content production

In the circumstances of small local markets, building a recognizable and authoritative brand is of absolutely critical value. That authority is usually achieved through the production of free, informative, and appealing content distributed on professional blogs and social media. This is one of the areas where AI got most of its recent mainstream traction. And, while platforms like ChatGPT are still not capable of writing creatively or tackling complex and authoritative topics, they are a tremendous asset in producing early drafts, researching unfamiliar topics, and digging out valuable data, so you still get a massive boost in terms of productivity.

Automation of routine tasks

And you are probably painfully aware of that – running a small or medium company is composed of countless mundane tasks that could greatly benefit from at least some dose of truncation. Well, you will probably be glad to know that AI makes the pitch-perfect solution for plowing through these same old, repeatable chores. Sending emails, data processing, bookkeeping, basic customer service… All these, and countless other tasks are well within the reach of the widely-available AI tools. Using them wherever you see fit will trim down your workflow and allow for much more critical activities.

Simplified recruitment process

Even with all AI resources on the planet, the success of your SMB will largely depend on your most valuable employees and their motivation to push forward come hell or high water. Even though tech can’t (at least, at this moment) replace this critical workforce, it can help you zero in on these people much simpler. When you are using third-party AI recruiting tools you are in a position to easily breeze through first-round interviews, data verification, and CV screening. Believe it or not, these simple tasks make up for 80% of the time you spend on recruitment. You can see how that time can be spent more prudently.

Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik

Improved customer experience

Much like in the previous examples, effective CR requires a healthy dose of human touch. But, that doesn’t mean that this important activity can’t be improved and augmented with careful usage of AI. For instance, contemporary AI chatbots are more than capable of tackling basic communication and keeping your channels open 24/7 until the human agents kick in. Also, AI does an excellent job of scouring through massive data pools and assembling customized content tailor-made for each of your clients. That level of personalization is a great resource for keeping your customers fully engaged.

Optimized marketing

Here is another area where a higher level of personalization proves to be a very valuable resource. To put it simply, modern AI systems are much more capable of higher-level analytics and taking notice of occurring patterns than human beings can possibly dream to be. These patterns cast light on the behaviors that go unnoticed even to the consumers and allow marketers to refocus their campaigns, predict trends like client churn, recognize prospective leads, and so on. In the end, they get a great level of maneuverability and ability to take preemptive PR measures to keep their momentum going.

Foundations for simple collaboration

Last but not least, we would like to point out that the simplest way for one SMB to grow is to focus on vital revenue-generating activities and make other processes lean and scalable, usually by means of outsourcing. Well, with that in mind, it is good to know that collaborative AI tools serve as a great lingua franca that connects these scattered dots and allows various parties working on the same project the ability to click together. This job is made even simpler by the fact that the AI tools are capable of carrying healthy levels of workload themselves so collaborators only need to contribute when necessary.


Well, we hope these couple of examples gave you a general idea why AI not only fits the SMB market just as well as higher business echelons but makes an essential part in keeping this-tier organizations afloat. Of course, these are only a selected few, but even they paint a pretty good picture that AI makes the future of business productivity and efficiency. So, be sure to jump on this bandwagon as soon as possible. The contemporary business arena is very competitive and there will be very little room for the companies that lag behind.

Author bio: Marie Nieves is a passionate blogger with an eye for design, a flair for storytelling, and a love for culture. She contributes regularly to various blogs and online magazines, all while satisfying her wanderlust by exploring states and countries near and far.