Digital Advertising

There are basically 3 kinds of traffic to your website: traffic you own, traffic you don’t own, and traffic that no one can control. Traffic that you own are those people who have opted in to your email list – you can send them marketing messages whenever you want because you have their contact information. Traffic that you don’t own consists of all your social media followers – those names are owned by Facebook, Google, or other social media companies, not you. Finally, there is traffic that comes from other random sources, such as searches or links from other sites. Our goal for you is to build your list of traffic that you can control. The best way to do this is through digital advertising.

Digital advertising has expanded from the old-fashion banner ads and Google AdWords to include a variety of practices that increase your visibility, even when people are not searching for what you have to offer.

Facebook Ads

Over the years, posts made to your Facebook page have declined to be less than 2% of your total fan base. In other words, if you post something on your Facebook page, and you have 100 people who have “Liked” your page, on average, only 2 of those people will ever see that post. These odds can be increased in people start to interact with your post such as commenting, liking and sharing it. And you might have some fans that have opted to “see first” all of your posts. But the odds of a typical business Facebook post reaching your customers is not in your favor. The reason is simple: Facebook wants to make money. The good news is that Facebook ads are the most effective and most affordable way of reaching your desired target market that is available. Plus, they offer the added advantage that you can target your ads to reach precisely the people that you want them displayed to. Is your target market seniors who like to travel and spend a minimum of $100 per month in online purchases that live in Denver and enjoy eating out at Italian restaurants? – You can now show your ads to just those people!

Of course, you need to create the ads, set up your target audiences, determine what your ad objectives are, place the ads, pay for the ads, and monitor the results to see if they are performing for you. That’s where WebStores Ltd can help! Here is what we do for you:

  • Ad Creative – Our talented graphic artists will design your ads to insure that they meet the Facebook criteria for image size and contain the right amount of text to meet the requirements. We develop a minimum of 3 ads for each campaign and run those 3 ads against each other for 48 hours to determine which one is going to perform the best for you.
  • Copy writing – In addition to the graphic, all ads can contain several lines of text, or even several paragraphs. We write the ad for you, using proven guidelines and years of experience to get you the best results.
  • Targeting & Placement – We set up the target markets for you based upon what we learn about your ideal customer.
  • Budgeting – We work with you to establish your desired ad spend.
  • Monitoring & Reporting – Your ads are monitored on a regular basis and a monthly report is provided to show you the performance of each ad.

AdRoll Retargeting Ads

After someone has clicked on your ad, they are taken to a custom landing page where they have a tracking cookie placed on their browser, so that we know that they have expressed an interest in what you are advertising, even if they don’t take any further action. Based on this tracking cookie, we can now re-target them when they leave your website. Once they leave, they will find your AdRoll ads following them around the internet from site to site, wherever they go. We create custom ads in all popular sizes, allow you access 200+ leading ad networks across the web and mobile, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook Exchange, reaching over 98% of all websites.


Search ads are another way for you to reach your desired customer. In early 2016, google started showing only “sponsored” links (ads) on many search results pages until the visitor started scrolling down the page. this means that in order for you to appear on page one of Google, in many cases, you must now pay for that position. This is done by targeting keywords and placing bids with Google for those keywords, so your ads will be displayed when someone is searching for those particular items. As with the other advertising programs discussed on this page, WebStore will create, place, and manage these search ads on your behalf.