Video Marketing is huge and changing rapidly. Most people would rather watch the Internet than read it, so it is vital that you have a video strategy in place. Here are some of the ways WebStores Ltd can help:

360 Degree videos

Using a 360 degree camera, we are able to take both videos and virtual reality photos of your physical store, which you can include on your website or post to Facebook or YouTube. Give your customers a complete immersive experience of your shop1





Live Videos / Interviews

Our president conducts interviews with industry experts as business owners (just like you) who are willing to share their insights. These videos are included in our blog as well as our YouTube channel. If you are interested in being interviewed, pleae contact us.






Video Ads

Short 12 to 15 seconds videos make great ads for Facebook. We create these with text overlays so that when they play automatically in the news feed, your potential customers will see everything even if they don’t click on the ad. We have found that these video ads convert better than still image ads and encourage you to try them.





YouTube Videos / Search Engine Placement

The single best way to get a page one listing on Google is to create a video that is posted on YouTube (which is owned by Google). Create a title for the video that is keyword-rich, then put a fully qualified url link back to a page on your website that also contain a keyword-rich title and keyword rich content. In most cases, we can get you listed on page one of Google in a matter of hours.