This week I’m in Dallas giving a series of 4 seminars on different aspects of Internet marketing, so I came up with a handout that ties all of these things together: Wholesale websites, Facebook advertising, video, and email. Your website is the focal point of your business online, and social media, video, email and other aspects of your marketing should direct people to your website (or your physical place of business). They all play a support role in getting more customers, and the process for doing this is actually pretty simple (not easy, but simple). This chart shows you the exact steps toachieving more exposure and sales for your online business.


Greg’s Simplified Steps to Internet Marketing

  1. Your website is the focal point of your business on the Internet. It must look modern and professional as this is the perception of your business on the Internet. All of your marketing efforts should be to drive people to your website.
  2. Social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest are great because there is a lot of traffic on these sites, but your goal is to get people off of Facebook and on to your website. One of the best ways to do this is with targeted Facebook ads.
  3. When people reach your website, they do not necessarily want to see your home page – they want to see the product or service they are interested in. For example, if you are selling jalapeno flavored cupcakes on your ads, then the ad should send you directly to the page on your website where they can order the cupcakes.
  4. Rather than just a product page on your shopping cart, consider a “landing page” where you can embed a video and create a sales letter that really sells the customer on why they should buy your product. This would be a great place to include a video testimonial from a satisfied customer.
  5. One of the best ways to get listed on the first page of Google is to create a video about the specific product for which you are trying to rank. For example, if you want to get listed for “Jalapeno Cupcakes”, then create a video about jalapeno flavored cupcakes. Upload this video to YouTube (YouTube is owned by Google). Tag your video with the keywords “Jalapeno Cupcakes” in the description, and then add a link to the page on your website that sells the jalapeno cupcakes. Also be sure to embed that video on your landing page.
  6. Write a blog post about your jalapeno cupcakes. Within the blog post, create a link to the page on your website that sells the jalapeno cupcakes. Use this blog post as the theme for an email newsletter.
  7. Send out the email newsletter to your customers, with the link to the landing page selling the jalapeno cupcakes. Ask your customers to forward the email to their family and friends.
  8. Make sure that you are directing people from your other marketing efforts (Facebook ads, YouTube videos, blog posts, email, etc.) to a landing page that has been specifically designed for the product you are trying to sell. The title of this page should contain your keywords (jalapeno cupcakes). Those keywords should also be used at least 3 times in the content or written description on the page. This tells Google that the page is really important for that search term. Write up the description yourself as if you are talking directly to your customer (assume they came to your business and you are describing the jalapeno cupcakes to them).
  9. Purchase an extra domain name that contains your keyword. Most people aren’t going to search on your company name, but on what you are selling, so in addition to having “MyCompany.com” that points to your home page, get a domain name like “BuyJalapenoCupcakes.com” and point that name to the page on your site where they can order the cupcakes.
  10. Update frequently – if Facebook weren’t presenting you with new information every time you went there, you wouldn’t go back – the same is true for your website. Websites should change frequently or your customers won’t come back – that’s why great websites often display their latest blog posts on their home page. Even then, people won’t magically visit your site out of the millions of sites on the Internet – you must be constantly marketing your site through those channels that already have lots of eyeballs – Facebook and YouTube for example. If this all sounds overwhelming, call WebStores Ltd at 877-924-1414 and let us help you!