In the realm of online design and photo editing, Canva has long been a go-to platform for many. However, there’s are new players in town that are making waves with their unique features, user-friendly interface, and AI capabilities. Meet Colorcinch, formerly known as Cartoonize.net, and Fotor. These are platforms that offer a fresh and exciting alternative that fits somewhere between Canva and Adobe PhotoShop Express. They are not a replacement for either, but rather they offers some additional tools and features that make it worth adding to your toolbox.

A New Approach to Photo Editing

Colorcinch is a photo editor and AI cartoonizer designed to be simple, beautiful, and free (for the basic account, but the paid account is very affordable at only $5.99 per month, or $4.99 per month when billed annually). AI is supposed to be easy, and Colorcinch offers an intuitive interface that makes photo editing uncomplicated and productive. Fotor is free as well (but you do have to register), and only costs $3.26 per month for the Pro account. Fotor is unique in that they offer a number of AI tools to enhance your photo editing.

Unique Features of Colorcinch

One of the standout features of Colorcinch is its adjustable cartoonizer effects and filters. This is how the software started, and its cartoon effects is one of the best. With just one click, you can transform your photos into unique art pieces using the platform’s cartoonizer, sketcher, and hundreds of other specialty filters and effects.

Colorcinch also boasts a feature-rich photo and text editor. You can remove backgrounds using the AI background removal tool. I’ve tried many background removal tools and this one is the best I’ve found. If you are creating product photos for your online store, this is the best way to do it. You can also crop and resize, adjust or replace color, and customize your photos using a wide selection of tools. This is a step beyond Canva’s offerings, providing users with more creative control over their designs.

An Extensive Library at Your Fingertips

Colorcinch offers access to over 4 million high-resolution stock photos, premium vector graphics, and diverse icon sets. This extensive library allows you to choose from a wide array of visuals to enhance your designs further.

AI-Powered Specialty Effects

Colorcinch takes photo editing to the next level with its AI-powered specialty effects. These effects can transform your photos into sketches, paintings, and cartoons with just a click. This feature sets Colorcinch apart from other online photo editors, offering users a unique way to express their creativity. This can be especially useful if you are creating graphics for Print On Demand products.

More Than Just a Cartoonizer

Besides offering cartoon and special effects like sketches and paintings, Colorcinch offers a range of other photo editing features. You can create stunning collages, add scenes with overlays, apply artistic masks, and even awaken your inner artist with freehand drawing tools. These features provide a comprehensive toolkit for users to create stunning visuals.

What Its Lacking

Colorcinch is not a replacement for Canva, Adobe Express, or even LunaPic, but is a tool that can add creativity to your designs.The reason is that you need multiple tools is that Colocinch offers some great features, but it also is lacking some essential tools. This includes the ability to change the canvas size you are working on and the lack of an undo feature (although you can enter Cntl-Z to do an undo). It also has a limited selection of fonts, so if you are wanting to create a graphic with a particular cartoon type of font, you will need to use a different tool.

Unique Features of Fotor

Fotor is different than Colorcinch – it offers an AI image generator, an AI face generator, art generator, photo effects, photo enhancer, background remover, photo eraser, image enlargement and avatar generator. The interface in Fotor is almost identical to Colorcinch, but they offer a better selection of fonts. I still wasn’t able to find a way to simply enlarge the canvas however.

Final Thoughts

Despite these limitations, I like Colorcinch and find that it is extremely helpful when creating and editing graphics. I also like Fotor. They both offer features and tools that other online editors don’t. With its user-friendly interface, extensive library, and AI-powered effects, these are platforms worth exploring for anyone looking to take their photo editing and design skills to the next level.