OR, How to REALLY Grow Your Email List!

I just read Dan Kennedy’s book on “Magnetic Marketing.” In it he talks about using not just geographic and demographic information, but psychographic data to help you create your ideal customer profile. He recommends asking yourself these questions:

  • What keeps them awake at night, staring at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep as it relates to your product or service?
  • What are they frustrated about?
  • What is causing them pain, right now, as it relates to your product or service?
  • What is the single biggest problem you can solve for them?
  • What do they secretly, privately desire most?

To uncover these insights, you need to walk a mile in your customer’s shoes. Subscribe to the same magazines they read. Attend their trade shows. Engage in conversations and ask probing questions. Immerse yourself in the social media communities they frequent. It’s about delving into their minds to truly understand their world.

Now, you’re equipped to craft a message that resonates. What can you communicate to your audience that’s so captivating, so magnetic, they simply can’t ignore it? It needs to compel action, irresistibly pulling them towards you, much like moths to a flame on a pitch-black night.

Consider the classic example of Domino’s Pizza’s unique selling proposition (USP): “Fresh hot pizza delivered in thirty minutes or less, guaranteed.” It’s good, but you can do better. Forget the mundane “10% off” offers. They’re a snooze fest.

It’s time to introduce what’s known as a “widget.” This isn’t just an offer; it’s a powerhouse package of products, services, bonuses, and experiences, all wrapped up with a catchy name and presented as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Instead of creating an offer like:

“Get 10 percent off your hotel room rate.”

Which is pretty boring and easy to ignore, try this:

Your Ultimate Weekend of Food and Fun for Only $xxx!

  • 10% savings on regular two-night room rate
  • Free gourmet dinner for two, both nights
  • Complimentary bottle of champagne when you arrive
  • Limo service to and from the airport – no charge
  • Show tickets for two
  • Limited availability, reserve your spot before midnight tomorrow

This isn’t just an offer; it’s a siren call to the perfect experience, impossible to overlook when it lands in front of the right person, through the right channel, at just the right moment.

For your offer to be a no-brainer, it must drown the customer in value. Many businesses prematurely push for a “free consultation” or “in-home estimate,” which can be off-putting—it’s too big of an ask, too soon.

This concept, known as “Threshold Resistance,” was identified by retail magnate Arnold Tauman and is crucial in direct marketing, according to “Magnetic Marketing.” Your prospects are reluctant—they don’t want to commit, make a call, or, worse, risk a salesperson invading their space.

That’s why enticing them with a low-commitment offer, like “enter your email for instant access to this exclusive report and video,” is golden. It’s a smaller step, a lower risk, and thus, more appealing. Do not however assume that this means you can just say “Enter your email address to join my list”. Your lead magnet must provide an irresistible offer. Make your offer something that they can’t ignore. Whether you’re a financial advisor, a home improvement contractor, or a dentist, this approach kickstarts the conversation.

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Even if your business doesn’t involve consultations, a similar tactic can work wonders. Selling garden sheds? Offer a free video showcasing creative, fun, and practical uses for a shed.

Remember though, you can’t just come up with any dumb report – it has to address the core psychographic questions asked at the beginning of this article. When you can answer those questions, then your ideal prospect will gladly hand over their email address (and perhaps phone number). Heck if your offer is really good, they will even share it with their friends.

According to Neil Patel, the very best lead magnets are not free reports or videos, but tools. That’s what has led his UberSuggest tool to become so popular. Tools are also great for SEO. I’m taking this advice myself and have created a new tool called the “WebStores Product Recommendation Engine.” With this tool, all you have to do is enter in the name of your niche or industry that you server, and our AI will provide you with an idea for the latest market analysis of your industry to provide you with a recommendation of a product you should be selling. Try it out! Then think of what kind of tool you can provide to create a lead magnet for your website (one that isn’t lame!)