Storyboards and cartoons are a great way of conveying content to your customers. They are simple to read, yet convey a ton of information, often just by glancing at them. You may have noticed that I try to incorporate one into many of my blog posts.

Storyboards can be a single frame, or a series of frames (typically no more than 3, but that can vary). Stories are a great way to sell your products, so you can create a storyboard that fits your product line with an actual story of why your product is so great, or you can look up jokes on the internet and convert them into a comic.

There are two online tools I use to create storyboards. Both are equally easy to use and require no technical knowledge.

The first is StoryboardThat.com. StoryboardThat contains a large number of background scenes, object, characters and speech bubbles to make just about any type of comic you can imagine. The edit pose feature contains a number of facial expressions which helps to tell the story. It is totally free and you don’t even have to register.

The second is ToonyTool.com. ToonyTool has fewer backgrounds and characters than StoryboardThat, but the characters look a little nicer than the stick figures provided by StoryboardThat. It also has some pre-built settings and the ability to upload your own background.

Neither one of these sites is necessarily better than the other. In fact, they are both great to have in your arsenal of creativity tools. My recommendation is to try them both and see which style suits you better.

Try thinking of some ways that you can use storyboards / cartoons in your emails or marketing to improve your readability or increase the time on your site.

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