Full disclaimer: this article is all about bragging about my students who have just finished up my AI Money Machine Program. What a great bunch of entrepreneurs!

The course will run again Live in September (you can enroll now and get access to all the videos, playbook, and other materials, and you can even get started with one-on-one lessons if you are anxious!). Based on the inaugural class, the September session will run for 6 weeks instead of 4. You can view the entire curriculum at: https://webstoresltd.com/courses/ai-money-machine/ (just click on the curriculum tab). But enough about that – let’s talk about the kinds of products the students created and the results they are getting!

One thing we decided to do was put together a marketplace that showed examples of what could be done. You can view those at AIProductShop.com. Of course, students are selling their creations on their own websites as well as places like Etsy and Amazon. We had one student create a women’s dress, and in less than an hour she had already sold one! Click on the image to visit her website:

Another student created a Hawaiian shirt for his first project, which he of course ordered one for himself! Check it out by clicking on the image:


I love this one. This student is a mother of a newborn, so she is creating products with her passion. Click on the image to view the product online:

If you are from a school whose color is Maroon (think Texas A&M), the this shirt from my Student at EverythingMaroon.com should get you excited! check out the product description as well, which was of course generated by AI.

I’m especially proud of this lady, as she took the lessons to heart and built an entire online store with all AI-generated products in just a couple of weeks! Plus she involved her daughter to create some of the designs. Product descriptions were generate with ChatGPT. Check out her new store bu clicking on the image:

These are just a few examples of some really great work by the participants in this program, Everyone learned a lot about how to use AI to generate images, create sayings for printing, create product descriptions, and how to market and sell using AI.

This is not the time to be afraid of AI or “not believing in it.” This is the time to embrace this technology and learn as much about it as you can, so that your business will remain viable as the technology continues to expand. Just as machines learn and improve with each algorithm, we should always strive to learn and improve in every endeavor. AI is continuing to evolve on a daily basis, so I really recommend that you register for the fall class early.