I did not write this. It came in an email from TheHOTH. But the message is so strong and on target that I have to share it on this blog. a very savvy marketer asked an Inc 5000 recipient on how to grow his business:

My #1 piece of SEO advice to double your business

“If I hired you and paid you $2 million dollars to come into my business and run marketing, what would you do?”

I told him the first thing that I would do is take an inventory of all the questions, misconceptions, doubts, & fears that customers have before they buy.

All the stuff they need answers to before they buy.

All the stuff that is preventing them from buying.

All the stuff they ask you on the phone before they sign up.

Then take all those answers that you have in your head, write them down and put them…


Take all those answers that you have in your head, write them down and put them......ON YOUR BLOG. Share on X

Now, instead of you explaining these things every single time, your potential buyers can find them when they search online.

They’ll find your articles, get answers, start trusting you as the authority and click over to your sales page.

This is inbound marketing & SEO at it’s finest…

…and that is the core of how you can become one of the fastest-growing companies in the US.

As an Inc. 500 myself (not just the 5000) I could not agree more. Its why I write a new blog post every single week. And its why you should be too. But its not just about growing fast. It’s about establishing credibility. It’s about getting found. And, most importantly, it’s about helping others.

It is my firm belief that if you want your website to be seen and have people interact with it, you must create new engaging content on a regular and consistent basis. This means writing a blog, doing podcasts, creating memes, making videos or whatever you are most comfortable with. You need to do this regardless of what kind of business you are in, whether you have an informational only site or are actively selling products and services. That is BIG SECRET to how I have made this website have an Alexa ranking of 153,234 and an average time on site of over 26 minutes.

The last few weeks we’ve spent discussing how to rank on page one. We’ve discussed how to find the right keywords and then use those keywords appropriately on both YouTube videos and the corresponding landing pages. Make no mistake, you need to create those videos and those landing pages. But you must provide real value and you must do it consistently.