In my book, The Influencer Effect, I devote an entire chapter to the importance of live events. Regus McKenna, Apple’s first marketing guru, states, “It’s ironic, but true, that in this age of electronic communications, personal interaction is becoming more important than ever.”  This is so true. I personally attend at least 3 live events each week. Why? Because that is how you get to know people. Communicating via social media, email, and even video conferencing or the phone is not a substitute for seeing someone in person. Once you meet someone, you start to establish a bond with them.

This weekend I have the opportunity to speak at a live event called Stern Storming Live 2! It will be September 23rd, 24th and 25th
at the Hilton Double Tree Suites, Greenwood Village, CO. I get to share the stage with some amazing people. You can get your tickets by visiting http://sternstorminglive.com/. This is a 3 day workshop where you will learn the messages and storeis to drive your business forward. You are going to get a ton of great content. The event producer, Darrell Stern, will tell you that you need to come to this event because he has put together a great selection of speakers (he has). He will tell you that you need to attend because of the great topics that will be presented (and this is also true).  But there is an even bigger and better reason why you should attend: the connections you will make.

I have never left an event where I didn’t make at least one new friend whom I’ve been able to remain connected with. This event promises this opportunity as well. So do I think you should come listen to my presentation? Absolutely! do I think you should buy my book afterwards? Of course! but more importantly, I just want you to come by and introduce yourself. Say Hi. Grab a selfie and a hug! That’s how you

become and influencer and meet others who can influence your business, regardless of the type of business you are in.

Here’s what I suggest: Come to Stern Storming Live 2 this weekend. Meet a tleast one new person each day (at the end of the event, you will have 3 new friends – and not just Facebook friends, but a real life friend). Don’t just ecahnge busines cards. Set up a time at Stern Storming Live 2 to connect with that person outside of the event. Schedule a date and time right then and there to go grab a cup of coffee or a lunch with that person. Better yet, plan an activity with that person, such as going on a walk or a bike ride – when you do something active with a person your friendship immediately becomes stronger. Doing this used to totally intimmidate me (believe it or not, I am an introvert in spite of being a public speaker). But when I commit to meeting just one person at an event (I often end up meeting many more),  I have found that this is the single best way to grow my business. Here’s to your massive success!

By the way, if you really can’t make it to Stern Storming Live 2 this weekend because you are not in Denver, you can attend virtually.  Grab a live streaming ticket – and I’ll give you a virtual hug until we can meet in person.