cowboytom-interviewLast week I was in Dallas and got to talk with Charlotte Armstrong of Cowboy Tom’s Flapjacks. This is a short video – only a few minutes – but Charlotte shares a story about her pancakes that really makes people want to find out more. Whenever you are writing descriptions for your products and you aren’t sure what to say, tell a story! Product descriptions are one of the most important factors in getting people to buy your products. If you just say (for example), “sterling silver necklace with quartz crystal pendant” and give a price, you haven’t given anyone a reason to buy. But if you tell a story about how this necklace makes a person feel, your customers will be more interested and engaged with you. You will sell more when you tell a story. That is what this video does.

Would you like to have your company or products featured in a video like this? I am conducting a series of collaboration videos where I talk to online store owners about their businesses and share this information with others – it’s great marketing and it doesn’t cost anything except your time – plus you get a copy of the video to use however you want as well. If you are interested then contact me and we’ll arrange a time – it can either be live or via an online meeting. Meanwhile, enjoy Charlotte’s story.


And here’s a short followup up video to last week’s post, encouraging you to do a video: