Most people selling on the Internet don’t get it. Even authors like Brian Halligan and
Dharmesh Shah in “Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs” state that people should be spending 80% of their efforts getting more visitors to their sites and only 20% of their efforts trying to convert visitors into customers. This advice is just plain wrong!

Everyone thinks that if they can just get thousands of visitors to their website that this will make them successful. But you are in business to make money, not see how many visitors you can get to your website, how many followers you can collect on Twitter, or how many fans like you on Facebook. Your goal is to make a sale! And once someone has expressed an interest in you by doing one of these things, you absolutely MUST spend your energy into getting them to become a customer.

Jim Palmer, in “Stick Like Glue”, states that “It’s far easier, and much more cost effective, to keep the customers you have rather than trying to attract new ones.” I contend that it is also more profitable to convert your current visitors and leads into customers than it is to continually work on getting more visitors.

Almost all of the advice available is related to marketing – getting more visitors to your site. There is also information about testing, utilizing analytics and understanding your conversion rates – all important topics, but not much is written about HOW to turn a visitor into a customer once they get to your page. Watch this video to learn more…