Website and online marketing overwhelm?

If you’re tired of struggling and wasting time and simply want a proven process to take your business to the next level then here’s your next step…

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–  Uncover the top roadblocks preventing you from keeping up with your online presence

–  Zero sales, zero pitch, just brainstorm some ideas on moving forward

–  Put a plan in place to take your online sales to the next level

This is a select group and I’ve decided to open up just a few spaces in this charter program.

Here is what is included:


  • Weekly 45 min Deep Dive call. Each week a new topic will be presented in a 45 minute zoom meeting.
  • We will cover all aspects of website management, online sales, and digital marketing.
  • Weekly calls are interactive and we will address YOUR needs.
  • All of my digital products for free, including online classes.


  • 24/7 Coaching. Ask me a question every day if you want. I’ll even help you write your ads, copy, etc.
  • 1 Day in my Virtual Office every Quarter. We’ll work on as many problems in your business as we can.
  • No stories, no fluff, no hype. We get to work.
  • I’ll log into your website, LinkedIn, emails, ad account etc, funnels, etc and help you personally.


  • Private group of like-minded business owners.
  • Learn from others in the community and mastermind with them.


  • Create (and host) one new website or one new podcast.
  • Create graphics, ads, copywriting, videos, emails, sales funnels and other content as needed.


Ideas to Implementation!

This is REAL done-with-you coaching, not some hype online course. You will get access to everything that has helped my clients for the past 2 decades.  Unlike other coaching programs where they cheer you on and laden you with homework we do lot of the heavy lifting. It’s a huge amount done with you… You move very quickly!

If you were to hire even an entry level webmaster and marketing employee, this would cost you tens of thousands of dollars every year. Now you can get decades of experience at a fraction of the cost.

Does that sound like a good fit?